Are You Looking for a Hailo Clone App? Check These Unique Features & Cost

Are You Looking for a Hailo Clone App? Check These Unique Features & Cost

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Well, people nowadays love to travel with comfort and convenience via online taxi service. Since parking spaces in the city are limited, people prefer taxi apps to crowded public transportation. They are also aware that if they rely on public transport, they will have to either walk or hire an auto to get home. As a result, people prefer online taxi apps like Hailo, which has seen tremendous success in the taxi service market.

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Why Hailo Clone Script for Your Taxi Business?

Unique Hailo Clone Script Features You Should Include In Your App

Cost of Hailo Clone App Development

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Why Hailo Clone Script for Your Taxi Business?

Hail (o)- Where did you hear about this? You've probably heard of this London-based ride-hailing app if you're a European. Ride-hailing apps, such as Hailo, have become crucial in the last decade, whether for city commuting, work commutes, or even intercity travel. Almost every entrepreneur now plans to enter the taxi industry by developing an app. An app like Hailo, on the other hand, can be an ideal solution for you to stand out from the crowd. Thanks to the excellent ideas included in the app, the Hailo clone app has inspired many other new businesses to start an online taxi business.

It's Another Way to Stand Out in the Market - Hailo Clone App - Check Live Demo

Hailo Clone is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs looking to launch a taxi booking app. With the Hailo clone app, you can offer your users a diverse range of taxis and licensed cars for booking and transportation. You can allow your users to request a wheelchair-accessible vehicle or a fixed car fare to a specific location, such as an airport, a bus stop, a railway station, and more via the best Hailo clone script. You can also provide additional services to your users like high street fare demand, speed limits, traffic conditions, road construction obstacles, and a wide range of other parameters related to travel and transportation. On the whole, using a Hailo clone script could save you more time and money than creating an app from scratch.

Unique Hailo Clone Script Features You Should Include In Your App

Today, many entrepreneurs and startups wish to start a business with Hailo Clone. However, a majority of them failed to check the functionality and features required to run their business. Here are some notable Hailo Clone features to consider before purchasing the Hailo clone app.

Attractive User Login

Users can sign up or log in using their Gmail credentials, Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, and so on.

In-App Chat

Drivers and Riders can text after a Ride has been booked and accepted by the driver.

SOS Button

The SOS feature, also known as "save our souls," allows you to contact emergency contacts with a single click.

God’s Eye View

This feature allows you to see everything – earnings, a list of users and drivers with details, the availability status of drivers, the location of online drivers, the total number of trips, etc.

Ratings and Review

The user and driver can give ratings and provide valuable feedback based on their overall riding experience.

Promo Code

Riders can use a promo code to get a discount on their total trip cost, and it is the admin who manages the details of the promo code.

Driver Support Chat

If a driver has a problem with a trip or location, they can communicate with admin or customers in real-time.

Peak Time Pricing / Surge Pricing

The admin can select the peak time in advance and charge the surge amount in the commute for a decent reason. This feature is very crucial for the driver's benefit.

Save Location

The rider can save frequently visited locations. It will help them in eliminating the need to type the same address repeatedly.

Multiple Currency

Hailo Clone supports multiple currencies, allowing riders to pay in their preferred currency. It will aid the product's owner in expanding their business in the global market.

Automatic Fare Estimation

After entering the from and to addresses, riders can see the estimated fare. It will aid them in selecting the most cost-effective vehicle from the available options.

Route Navigation

Save time by using the Geo-location map to get smart route navigation to the user's pickup and drop location.

Now, let us see.

Cost of Hailo Clone App Development

The cost of developing a Hailo Clone App is generally determined based on the scope of your project. The set of features chosen is the most crucial factor influencing the final cost of Hailo clone app development. You can either create your features or use some of Uber's most advanced features. It entirely depends on the overall concept of your future app as well as your projected budget.

At UnicoTaxi, we provide affordable pricing for the execution of the Hailo clone application. The platform (Android or iOS) also plays a vital role in calculating the actual cost of developing a Hailo clone app, as it affects the total number of developer hours.

So, What Next?

Now, think about the features you want to add and don't be afraid to try something new. Your future app may be the next game-changer if it introduces market changes. Anyway, the first step is to set your objectives and work your way up. That is the only way to achieve success and positive results.

The Bottom Line

Developing a Hailo clone app, on the other hand, is only half the battle. Once you've launched your ride-sharing app, you should concentrate on app maintenance and, of course, marketing. Essentially, these aspects should be considered crucial.

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