How to Buy Taxi Clone Script Like EasyTaxi?

How to Buy Taxi Clone Script Like EasyTaxi?

Vinupradha A

Today, mobile apps are playing a vital role in our everyday life. I am sure that a greater part of people will have a taxi booking app on their smartphone. It shows the necessities of the cab booking service and its offers, the transportation industry is a universe of unlimited open doors for the new ventures.

Then I recommend you launch your own business with Easy Taxi clone script for higher revenue development. Here, this article is for you. Towards the finish of this blog, you will get a clear idea of revenue development of your taxi business through Easy Taxi clone app.

Let’s see the sneak peek over here:

What Enables the Easy Taxi Clone Script to Get the Cab At Our Desired Location?

UnicoTaxi Easy Taxi clone app that Rules the Taxi Market More Than Ever

Exciting Key Features in UnicoTaxi Easy Taxi Clone Script That Will Delight You

What Enables the Easy Taxi Clone Script to Get the Cab At Our Desired Location?

Talking about the transportation industry, Easy Taxi clone app is one of the top competitors among the taxi market. Easy Taxi like app is only an E-hailing app, that permits the customers to book a cab and track their ride in real-time. Easy Taxi clone script is used in multiple platforms and the organization has gained almost 17 million customers and in excess of 400,000 cab drivers.

Moreover, an Easy Taxi like app connects passengers and taxi drivers, allowing them to encounter a quick, safe, advantageous ride, with simply a tap of a button. Easy Taxi clone app offers the best support to their customers and they have dispatched their service in excess of 30 nations and 450+ urban areas within a short span of time.

Here, let me show a portion of the Pros that are been gained Easy Taxi clone app users as follows:

One important advantage of using an Easy Taxi like app is, it slowly accelerates the real-time tracking time to find the best cab service that is readily accessible to pick you. Taxi bookings are likewise made easy with a tap, the best thing is the Easy Taxi clone app reduces your waiting time.

Driver will consequently reach to your doorstep with the in-built GPS without any call verification for the location IDs.

You are permitted to select the route from different suggestions for a quick reach of your location.

Like riders, drivers are additionally profited by using an Easy Taxi like app. It decreases the driver stand by time as well. So the driver need not roam to find the pickup. Also, drivers will get quick instant bookings.

The app like Easy Taxi gave full adaptability to both the players by online interpretation for the cost of ride. So that there is need not stress over the changes, it likewise decreases the thefts significantly. The driver can take the taxi service at his favored time by sign in and out. The cost of the ride will be sent to the driver directly.

More than the advantages they have additionally taken their taxi booking service to the next level with a call support system. It assists with improving the users’ experience easily without a lack of supportive network.

UnicoTaxi Easy Taxi Clone App that Rules the Taxi Market More Than Ever

UnicoTaxi is a product based app that gives you a complete taxi solution for your business. You can rapidly dispatch your business in your area. Since it is a pre-tested and pre-developed app with the required features, it won’t take a lot of effort to re-planned it as per your needs.

How does our Easy Taxi clone script that rules the overall taxi business market? We not just give you the specific Easy Taxi like app? We will reconstruct it as per your business model or requirements that suits our budget. The best part is our app is more adaptable so that it can be easily re-balance at any time as indicated by your requirements.

Instead of the app like Easy Taxi and the latest features that you will get from UnicoTaxi? We will be offering you the whole package of the app with the before and after taxi service launch for a specific timeframe.

Here, let me reveal to you the main features that are readily accessible in your app. Continue reading this blog to know more about it.

Exciting Key Features in UnicoTaxi Easy Taxi Clone Script That Will Delight You

Our Easy Taxi like app is a turnkey system that has everything a successful taxi business needs. We provide you a driver app, a passenger app (for both iOS and Android), and a web panel.

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) - With the help of ETA, the rider can know the exact pick-up time of the driver from their area and it will show the ride estimation as well.

Schedule Ride - Users can book their rides for ‘later’ and the notifications will be sent to the drivers automatically. It allows the riders to make their plan for the trip at peak time.

Promo Codes - The passengers can use special offers and promo codes during their rides with their friends as well. It can help you with carrying essentialness to your app effectively and this is one of the tricks to cover the users.

Pop-up Notification - Integrating notification features the passengers can receive quick alerts about the trip fares, driver’s area, and other relevant data. It helps them to keep in touch with your app.

Ride History - The passenger can see their ride history and monitor all the rides they have taken already with your app. It gives a complete view of their ride history.

The End

I suggest you, startups and budding entrepreneurs, to select our solution for the best Easy Taxi clone script. With our immaculate revenue and business model, you can undoubtedly create high benefits in your taxi business. Still, why do you wait? Get in touch with us at and we will contact you soon!

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