How to Start a Taxi Aggregator Business Model? Includes Key Features, Opportunities & Cost

How to Start a Taxi Aggregator Business Model? Includes Key Features, Opportunities & Cost

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Well, you would have probably noticed a massive shift in how we consume various services these days. We used to stand on the side of the road and wave our hands for a cab to come close, but today we can do the same thing from the comfort of our own homes or wherever we are by using a ride-hailing app on our smartphones.

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What is a Taxi Aggregator Business Model?

How to Start a Taxi Aggregator Business Model?

Features of a Taxi Aggregator Business Model

Opportunities Driving Taxi Aggregator

Taxi Aggregator Business Model: Cost Insights


In today's fast-paced modern world, people want a more convenient way to travel. So, starting an online cab booking business seems to be a viable option. It's no surprise that several online taxi aggregators rely on entrepreneurs who are just getting started with their taxi booking app ventures. Launching an app like Uber, however, requires a thorough knowledge of the business model and technologies. So, before you develop an Uber-like app, let us first take a closer look at the taxi aggregator business model, including its features, opportunities, and costs.

What is a Taxi Aggregator Business Model?

Taxi aggregators are a new market sector where the owners or brands do not own their taxis and instead, they rely on their partners to organize taxi drivers. The Ola and Uber business models are great examples of a taxi aggregator business model.

Uber buys the services of drivers and refers customers to them in exchange for a commission. They regularly focus on growing or developing their brand to extend their business worldwide by delivering lower and more affordable services to their large customer base while also keeping relationships with their business partners or cab operators. However, the money invested in building the taxi aggregator's app, IT support system, and network required for this company is the intellectual property of the taxi aggregators.

Do you wish to start your taxi business with an efficient taxi aggregator app like Uber?

Now, let us see,

How to Start a Taxi Aggregator Business Model?

With the rise of technology and on-demand cab booking services, the taxi aggregator business model has become increasingly important, providing structure and balance to the organized space across different industries. To start a taxi aggregator business, complete the following steps:

Start building an online taxi booking app and create an attractive website.

Concentrate on the taxi booking app's distinct features

Promote flexibility and transparency

Develop a fully functional app and provide real-time information as well as excellent services

Start concentrating on marketing your app via social media channels

Provide a secure payment system

Once you've completed the above-given steps, you are good to go !

Features of a Taxi Aggregator Business Model

When designing a taxi aggregator app like Uber, consider the following features:

Passenger App

Easy Login

Users can sign up using their phone numbers, email addresses, or social networking profiles.

Driver Rating

Customers can leave reviews or feedback for each driver individually.

Track Payments

Users can pay for their fare and securely save their credit or debit card information under the payment section if they prefer fast transactions.

Push Notifications/Messaging

The app user can choose between receiving push notifications or texting the driver about the current status in this section.

Scheduled Rides

The user can book now or later. Ride Scheduling is a fantastic feature that adds functionality to the app.

Driver App

Ride Alert

If someone books a ride, drivers will receive an alert, and they can turn their availability status on or off by toggling on the screen.

Route optimization

Helps drivers in locating the customer's location.

Track Payments

Allow drivers to check their payment information on a single screen.

Accept/Decline Ride Request

Drivers can accept or decline the booking request based on availability.


Drivers can use Google Maps to efficiently drive to a customer's location, get real-time path details, and arrive quickly.

Admin Panel

Passenger Management

This tab allows the admin to view and manage all of the activity of registered customers.

Booking Management

The admin is responsible for overseeing the number of bookings, the rider's information, and the driver of the specific booking.

Scheduled Requests

Admin can see all scheduled requests and their details and the payment method used by the riders.

Push Notifications

Admin can configure mass push notifications to send to users to keep them up to date about the necessary details.

Add Zones

Admin can create various zones for frequent trips, such as an airport or a bus station, to make it easier to use.

Opportunities Driving Taxi Aggregators

The following are the opportunities that are driving Taxi Aggregators:

Highly Crowded Road

Congested Driving

High Parking Fees

Limited Parking Slots

Taxi Aggregator Business Model: Cost Insights

How much does it cost to build a taxi aggregator app like Uber? If this is your question, then the answer is, It depends, as always, on the functionality you want to include in your app and how advanced you want that feature to be.


What are the most important factors to consider as a taxi business owner? Yes, it is providing your customers with the best taxi service possible. Any passenger who uses your taxi service will seek a safe mode of transportation to their destination, which is only feasible if you have taxi dispatch software.

In the present era, including a technologically oriented concept into your taxi booking app is essential. The customer will notice a considerable difference. Finally, your company gains new wings that can benefit you.

Still, some people think that an online taxi dispatch system is unnecessary. However, this is not true because automation is critical in taxi operation. Every taxi company should implement an automated taxi dispatch system to stand out from the crowd.

No business is complete without the use of technology. The taxi industry adheres to the same logic. There are several benefits to integrating taxi dispatch software into the taxi industry. However, before you proceed, you should conduct extensive research on the features. Always choose the best product for your company's needs.

Are you looking for a complete taxi dispatch system for your taxi business?

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