How to Start a Medical Transportation Business in North America?

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Well, it’s no surprise that healthcare is a big part of the US economy. So any career in the healthcare sector, including those related to it, is a safe bet in North America. Many people still believe that owning a medical transportation business is not a profitable venture but, it is not the actual thing. If you conduct extensive research on it, you will discover that it is one of the most needed businesses in society and can be highly beneficial.

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Why Start a Medical Transportation Business in North America?

Steps to Start a Medical Transportation Business in North America

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Why Start a Medical Transportation Business in North America?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT), as we all know, is a transportation service provided to individuals who are not in an emergency but need medical help and specialized equipment that other transportation options can provide. Recent studies have shown that most North Americans miss medical appointments or postpone treatment because they lack access to adequate transportation, and this is where NEMT Services comes in.

Will it be great to start a medical transportation business in North America that meets an unmet need and is always in demand? Yes, starting a NEMT business may be the right fit for you if you have a clean driving record, a willingness to help those in need of transportation to critical medical appointments, and a want to be your boss. The best part is that by offering this service, you can make extra money. You may even think of it as a taxi service for the elderly. Don't know where to start? This post includes a simple guide to starting a NEMT business. Follow these steps to build a NEMT business and grow it into a thriving venture.


Write Up a Solid Business Plan

You can't start writing a business plan without first learning about the NEMT industry. Consider how your business will vary from those presently operating in your area. What makes yours the best option? Once you've answered these questions, it's a good idea to hire a professional to help you write your business plan.

It's critical to be as specific in your business plan because it covers everything from how you'll operate your business and interact with your employees to how you expect the company to grow. A comprehensive and detailed business plan is necessary to attract investors and secure loans, and this is your opportunity to sell your concept, so be specific and passionate.

Choose a Suitable Location for Your Business

The most vital factor in determining the location of your business is demographics. Look up statistics to find out where the elderly population in your area resides. Create a list of adult day care centers, hospitals, clinics, dialysis centers, retirement homes, and group homes. Inquire with those facilities about the transportation services they currently use to assist your business.

Form a Legal Business Entity

Before deciding on a business structure, consult with a lawyer and an accountant with experience in the medical transportation business. A limited liability company may be an option. However, you will need to compare this with a corporation or partnership. An LLC does not generally provide the same level of protection to its owners against creditors and lawsuits as a corporation does.

Since your drivers and staff will be helping people who are often in poor health, even the tiny error or lapse in judgment could result in someone being injured or killed. As a result, you must ensure that adequate measures are in place, such as liability insurance.

Choose a Catchy Business Name

The name you choose for your non-emergency medical transportation company is quite essential. Many business owners underestimate the value of a business name in the development of a brand. The right name can help you make a positive first impression on people in your market, build long-term relationships, and establish a solid reputation.

Build Your NEMT Vehicles

In the early days, most NEMT start-ups had only a few vehicles. As the business evolves, you'll look to find the best fleets at the best prices. However, the concerns would be fuel economy, cargo capacity, and overall carbon footprints—certain states offer tax breaks for these factors.

When it comes to accessibility conversions, your NEMT vehicles should have multiple entry options, raised roofs, lowered floors, ramps, manual or hydraulic lifts, securements for wheelchairs, and flexible floor plans for wheelchairs. Some vehicles may necessarily require specialized license certifications to function or the need for additional employee training.

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Get Funding

It will take some time between the first day you start picking up patients and the first day you start receiving payment. In the meanwhile, you'll have to pay for your vehicle and fuel, and if you hire employees, you'll have to sign paychecks. As a result, your business must be well-funded. If you can't afford to fund your business yourself, consider taking out a loan from a bank or seeking a partner. In general, communities will not provide grants to a new business unless they provide a service that the community lacks, such as medical transportation.

Get Necessary Licenses and Permits

Before you start a NEMT business, you'll need to get a license and permits from the state where you want to do business. It's not surprising that the license requirements are extensive since you'll be carrying vulnerable persons. While the NEMT business has no formal guidelines, each state has its own set of operational norms and laws that all companies must follow.

Get Business Insurance

Your medical transportation company must determine the best insurance coverage for your fleet vehicles, driver activities, and other business assets. It is preferable to have insurance because transporting patients may involve a variety of risks. You could be held financially liable for any accidents on the road. As a result, you must find a reputable insurance company that provides high limits and coverage.

Choose the Right NEMT Software

Choosing the right Medical Transportation Software is critical to keep your medical transportation business operational. NEMT software is a breakthrough technology that allows for the automation and digitization of all NEMT operations such as dispatching, building schedules and routes, driver and vehicle management, and trip request optimization. It focuses on issues related to traffic, vehicle breakdowns, driver call-offs, cancellations, add-on trips, on-demand trips, and much more. Moreover, this Medical Transportation Software streamlines billing operations, allowing providers to receive reimbursements more quickly.

The most important feature of the NEMT Dispatch App is automated dispatching, and this will cut down on overhead, reliance on a dispatcher, and general human error. Your software package should feature an all-in-one cloud-based billing and invoicing platform, as well as a database with your clients' information.


Know who your competitor is. Inquire about the practices of local businesses. Determine your competitors' strengths and weaknesses. Call them and ask them questions, or read their website if they have one. Conduct some research on their vehicles and drivers. Move on

Summing Up

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is becoming an increasingly vital service in the healthcare industry. Every week, hundreds of people schedule NEMT travel to and from medical services. However, choosing the best Medical Transportation Software is critical to the success of any service that provides non-emergency medical transportation services. UnicoTaxi has industry-leading medical transport software solutions with the ability to handle any specific business needs or goal, regardless of where businesses are in their development phase—from small business operations to large enterprise-level operations.

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