Planning to Create App Like UBER for Disabled?

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For better transport services and facilities for disabled, there are desperate requirements across the world. You should understand the requirements of your target users before starting to build a paratransit dispatch software for disabled if you are looking to invest in Uber like app development.

Check out these 5 features that we have discussed in this post to understand what precisely you must offer to your passengers and how you can start with an Uber clone app.

5 Features To Integrate Into Your NEMT Dispatch Software For Disabled

Time to Upgrade Your App Idea for Disabled Into Successful NEMT Dispatch Software

5 Features To Integrate Into Your NEMT Dispatch Software For Disabled

Feature 1: Ride Booking with Single Click

Besides, for riders who are hard of hearing, an uber like app can also give the feature of ‘flashing screen’ in your NEMT dispatch software so they can get notified about their booking or riding status.

Feature 2: Real-time Tracking About Drivers

The passengers using the uber clone app for disabled will get estimated arrival time of the driver. It will assist them with making sense of an estimated waiting time even before ride booking. When the driver acknowledges the ride-request, the passenger will have the option to track driver’s location in real-time from an uber like app. If the driver is going to reach in a moment, even then the rider will get notifications.

The passenger will also get a notification once the ride begins and when it completes. With the help of our uber like app development for disabled, you can provide the choice of sharing the tracking details with friends or families. It will ensure that the passenger is riding with your uber clone script that feels safe and comfortable.

Feature 3: Manage Trip Boundaries

Initially, you should guarantee that every driver is prepared to help individuals with different disabilities in their vehicles by using your uber clone script for disabled. Aside from this, you can also provide riders the choice to make unique demands according to their requirements. For instance, additional help for them with low vision or making sure that the driver realizes the rider is deaf or nearly deaf.

The vehicle will also have an exceptional ramp to guarantee wheelchair availability in the vehicle for other wheelchair users or senior citizens. For help, riders can ask for an additional wheelchair, baggage carrier and request for some other sort of help required.

Feature 4: Saved Destinations

By using an Uber clone app for disabled people, you should guarantee that it is as simple as feasible for them to head out starting with one area then onto the next. Ride-hailing app services like these have to be more centered around what the rider needs and for this situation, they need opportunity and the simplicity of going with no conditions on any other individual.

In this manner, providing a ‘save destination’ feature will make it simple for riders to book rides every day to and from the home, doctor, working environment or whatever other spot that they visit all the time. It will benefit people who have low vision or no vision since it may get hard for them to include new locations of their own. Besides, it will empower all the riders to handily book rides with only a single click instead of adding multiple data every time they want to travel some place.

Feature 5: Online Payment

Uber-like app development for disabled offers new opportunities. It is not brand new information to realize that a considerable lot of them have secure jobs and that they acquire without anyone else. But, it may be hard for them to have cash handy consistently. Thus, it is suggested that you provide multiple online payment options via your uber clone script for disabled.


It will permit them to use your paratransit dispatch software and make online payments with no issue. Also, it will upgrade the safety of the riders as a rule since they won’t have to haul around a lot of money with them. It will prevent criminals from making them a target also it permits an issue free route for the drivers to gather the cash as opposed to driving with tons of money.

Time to Upgrade Your App Idea for Disabled Into Successful NEMT Dispatch Software

Using NEMT dispatch software, you will be adding to a more promising time to come where individuals with physical disabilities can undoubtedly drive to work without relying upon any other person. So would you say you are planning to create ideas on an Uber-like app for disabled? Connect with UnicoTaxi as we are a leading mobile app development company and have developed more than 50+ paratransit dispatch software for different categories.

In any case, have any questions or doubts? Fill up our ‘Contact Us’ form and our sales executive will get back to you with all the solutions to your questions like how to build a Uber clone app, how much does Uber clone script cost, how long it will take to develop a paratransit dispatch software or how to hire developers.

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