How to launch an on-demand logistic app with the help of LYNK clone?

How to launch an on-demand logistic app with the help of LYNK clone?

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As people, we have consistently had predictable necessities to have our fundamental things around us. So it is just sensible that we carry our important things where we move. However in going and carrying things starting with one spot then onto the next, distance and time are critical components to consider. Shifting and moving more items needs a sufficient measure of time.

Goods can be shifted starting with one spot then onto the next by using truck dispatch software. On-demand logistic app development enables the shifters and service providers to connect with the users quickly. Let’s discuss the following terms in this post,

Working of Lynk Clone App

Cost Incurred in On-demand Logistics App Development

Features To Be Ensured

Customer App

Driver App

Admin Panel

Boundaries that a Firm Must Fulfill in Vehicle Dispatch Software

Working of Lynk Clone App

The Lynk clone app is a vehicle dispatch software and it has the following on-demand app development processes that include:

1. Allows the users as well as the drivers to register themselves and login.

2. All the databases are managed by the admin himself.

3. The search segment of the Lynk clone app development consists of a list of trucks from which the user can select the one he/she wants. Based on the goods to be shifted, the vehicles can be requested from this vehicle dispatch software.

4. The notification request about the offers is sent to the customer where the customer can accept the offer based on his/her schedule.

5. In-built GPS feature is present in the taxi dispatch software that helps the customers to move their goods between places.

6. Payment is made by the customer in a secured way through the truck dispatch software.

7. The vehicle dispatch software can be rated by the customers based on the service offered and feedback is provided.

Cost Incurred in On-demand Logistics App Development

The Lynk clone app can be used for on-demand logistics app development which costs less when compared to developing a new app. The reason why Lynk clone app is preferred is that it requires very less customization when compared to the new app to be developed from the scratch. Customizing the Lynk clone app is cost-effective as well. The price for development is only half when compared to developing a new app. In Lynk clone app development process, the following features are to be ensured

Features To Be Ensured

The following features are to be ensured while developing a Lynk clone app,

Customer App

Easy to register and login the app by the customers.

By specifying the pickup location, it is easy for the customers to book the trucks.

The service app can be booked based on-demand for the required services by specifying the time and date of the pickup.

Based on the location and distance covered, the estimated price is sent to the customers.

GPS features embedded helps with tracking of the vehicles easily.

The customers can pay upon availing the services.

Feedback about the services are provided by the customers.

Customers are provided with the provision to view the booking history.

The booking made by the customer can be cancelled at any time.

Driver App

Drivers are also provided with the login credentials similar to the customers.

The truck request made and the schedule accepted is sent to the drivers via the truck dispatch software.

The software then generates the details of the customers automatically which is then sent to the truck driver. With this information in hand, the driver can track the customer place using GPS.

The amount earned can also be tracked by the drivers with a separate segment available in the app.

Like customers, drivers can also provide their feedback for the services.

Admin Panel

The on-going operations of the taxi dispatch software can be updated in the app by the administrator. Other details such as earnings, user data analytics can also be viewed.

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The drivers can be assigned manually by the admin himself.

The admin is responsible for managing the content as well as editing and updating them.

The payment transactions are solely managed by the admin himself. He also performs refunds.

Interactive customer support is provided by the admin via the in-app feature for chatting and sending text messages.

Boundaries that a Firm Must Fulfill in Vehicle Dispatch Software

User-Friendly: App usage ought to be gliding and to the point of understanding. A moderate understanding and non-jumbling will consistently bring more customers to the truck dispatch software.

Advanced GPS Tracking System: Every on-going moving procedures of the Lynk clone app can be tracked with the help of GPS tracking features. It empowers the drivers to provide faultless support to the customers and helps the admin in watching out for the services provided.

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High Performance: Since the product needs to deal with much traffic through booking trucks and driver-customer databases, vehicle dispatch software needs to work with effectiveness.

Quick Payment: The options and features to complete the payment procedure has to be different, empowering the users to do safe and secure payment transactions.

100% Customizable: On-demand logistic app development should be fully customizable and adaptable as per the client’s needs and expectations. The icons, UI, themes, features have to be customized with validity.

“Shifting a huge number of items from one location to another needs a more suitable arrangement and persistence. In working Lynk clone app development, make sure that you offer the best services with no problem.”

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