How to Develop a Top eScooter Application Like Bird?

How to Develop a Top eScooter Application Like Bird?

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Well, when it comes to moving toward a greener lifestyle, every aspect of our lives must be considered, including how we commute. Even though the transportation industry chooses a range of options, there have always been issues such as parking space, maintenance, and cost, to name a few. But not anymore! With the introduction of the e scooter apps in the US market, the very concept of affordability, convenience, and cost has taken a new turn.

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Why Is an E-Scooter App Like Bird Gaining Popularity?

Key Features of a Bird-Like E-Scooter App

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Bird-Like E-Scooter App?

Develop an App Like Bird E-scooter Now

Wrapping Up

Nowadays, it's normal to see an eScooter crossing the street in San Francisco, San Diego, California, Los Angeles, or Washington, depending on where you live or vacation. As a result, Bird, a popular app, was launched to support the development of on-demand apps, allowing the ride-sharing network to become not only more environmentally friendly but also more cost-effective.

With this post, let's take a sneak peek at how an app like Bird e scooter turns heads and how you can develop one for yourself. Continue reading to know more!

Before we step into the e-scooter app development process, let's go through some reasons to choose an e-scooter app like Bird, its features, and the cost of e-scooter app development.

Why Is an E-Scooter App Like Bird Gaining Popularity?

The decision to develop an e scooter app like Bird was taken not just for the Greener Movement but also because, aside from being environmentally friendly, this concept has a slew of other benefits that are piquing the interest of investors.

Some of the benefits it holds are:


Although cabs and other modes of transportation are likely to face the brunt of traffic congestion, an e scooter can help you avoid being upset by waiting for long durations.

Parking Made Easy

Parking has always been a problem, and the cost of a parking spot has always been a financial burden. However, with an e-scooter app like Bird, there is no need for a bigger space, allowing you to enjoy your time without having to worry about parking slot timings.


Since E-scooters do not use fuel, no hazardous substances get released into the environment. As it is an environmentally friendly concept, investors are flocking to e scooters to increase their profits.

Safe & Reliable

E-scooters are safer than cars, lorries, or any other type of vehicle. A variety of real-time tracking and GPS capabilities help riders in riding safely. Furthermore, because e-scooters are self-driving, riding in the early hours can be a safer option for passengers.


Unlike other vehicles, an app like bird e-scooter does not require a driver's license to use. So, if your license is still pending or you are in a foreign country, you no longer need to be concerned. If you want a simple and inexpensive mode of transportation, you should go for e-Scooter app development.


After eco-friendliness, one of the best advantages that e-scooter apps like Bird have to offer is affordability. The Bird e-scooter app makes use of a rechargeable battery that requires power. Furthermore, it consumes no natural resources, and the engine used in the vehicle is also inexpensive, making the overall ride for the user extremely economical.


Routine maintenance is an unavoidable requirement for any vehicle. The e-scooter, on the other hand, alleviates this burden by leveraging batteries that require only charging and maintenance. As a result of this, you will save both time and money on maintenance.

Key Features of a Bird-Like E-Scooter App

The top e scooter app like Bird will include these features:

Smart Lock

The Smart Lock feature in the app allows the user to lock the scooter with the app and only open it with the app, assuring the user's safety.

Ride Status

Allow users of e-scooters to keep track of their ride status and history.

Google Maps Integration

Users can use this feature to find a nearby e-scooter. Android developers, on the other hand, frequently use the Google Maps API.

Payment Gateway Integration

Provides safe and secure payment options to users so that they pay the amount hassle-free.

QR Code Scanner

E-scooter apps like Bird use built-in scanners to read QR codes on the handlebars to lock and unlock a scooter. Both Android and iOS scanners are compatible with this feature.

Now let's talk about the Cost of Developing an app like Bird Escooter.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Bird-Like E-Scooter App?

Wondering how much it will cost to buy a bird-like e-scooter app? If you answer yes, here's the answer!

So now you know what an e-scooter app can do for you. The next big question that strikes your mind will be how much it costs to develop an e-scooter app like Bird. Isn't it? We understand your concern about e-scooter app development expenses at the initial stage of your firm with a limited budget and a fear of taking risks. So, in this section, we'll show you how much an ideal e-scooter app like Bird costs.

The e-scooter app development costs vary depending on the needs and competence of the business. Before entrusting your project to an app development firm, determine how long it will take to develop such apps and a preliminary cost estimate. As a result, the developers will not be able to charge an extra fee. Planning, creating, and developing such applications usually take several hours. However, the actual duration depends on the client's requirements for functionality, mobile-friendliness, design, and considerably more.

Want to know the key features and budget for developing an eScooter app like Bird?

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Develop an App Like Bird E-scooter Now!

For developing an app like Bird Escooter, you'll need a reliable and experienced team to handle technical tasks and deliver promising results.

UnicoTaxi is a leading app development company with a skilled team of developers, designers, and programmers. We've created on-demand mobile applications for a wide range of businesses all over the world. We take pride in providing a smooth user experience. If you're interested in developing an on-demand e-scooter app, we'd love to work with you.

Wrapping Up

As the world is shrinking, software solutions like this are becoming more common. UnicoTaxi offers you fascinating app-based solutions that can help you get the best outcomes possible. Our e-scooter app development service providers make it a point to provide you with solutions specifically matched to your needs, allowing you to get a higher return on investment.

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