A Road Map to Successful Bike Taxi App Development

A Road Map to Successful Bike Taxi App Development

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Bike taxi app development, regularly seen as an off-shoot of the mainstream on-demand transport businesses, has gotten extraordinary growth in the world where the last-mile network stays the main challenge.

The bike taxi app is the new evolution of moving from one place to another. Bike taxi app development is pocket-friendly, fast, and the main thing, you won't get stuck failure. Bike taxi services are eco-friendly, and riding time is less than taxi riding.

Now, bike taxi services are trending in all the Asian countries like India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, etc.

The two key players, Uber, and Ola recognize this traveling trend, where travelers are going faster methods and less expensive for movement.

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Working Process of Bike Taxi App

The Steps of Bike Taxi App Development

Step 1: Tackling the Problem

Step 2: Regulate the New Features for your Bike Taxi App

Step 3: Planning and Executing

Step 4: Test the Performance

Step 5: Ready to Dispatch

Ending Up

Working Process of Bike Taxi App

The traveler requests a bike ride by entering their pick-up and drop-off location.

The request is sent to all the bike drivers close to their current area.

The bike driver accepts or rejects the ride request and gets the details.

The bike driver picks up the traveler and drops them off at their location.

The traveler makes the secure payment either by debit/credit card or cash.

The traveler rates the traveling experience with the bike driver.

The Steps of Bike Taxi App Development

Let’s discuss each step in detail about bike taxi app development.

# Step 1: Tackling the Problem

Understanding the problem of the target audiences and tackling it through the bike taxi app. It will reach more customers. As the business model of Uber is the same as that of the other Uber services. You take the possibility of the Uber business model and implement your ideas that make your app unique. It can be upgrading your UX by adding new features and functionalities to help customers.

# Step 2: Regulate the New Features for your Bike Taxi App

After understanding the customer's concern, you can pick the essential features you need to add to your bike taxi app.

The bike taxi app development and its process start from planning the app functionalities. It has to be incorporated into the best solution and select the advanced mobility technology to develop the mobile app.

The bike taxi app comes with the driver app, customer app, and an admin dashboard for the transportation owners to manage all bike booking activities.

In the driver's app, the key features are:

Sign up and log in.

Accept or reject the ride request.

Live tracking system.

Payment gateways.

Feedback system.

In the customer's app, the key features are:

Sign up and log in.

Choose the location (pick-up/drop-off) to book a bike ride.

See available nearby drivers.

Estimate time of arrival and fare.

Payment methods.

Rating and review system.

With regards to bike taxi app development, business owners can either choose a white-label bike taxi app or a native app from scratch. But white-label bike taxi app gives more advantages compared to scratch development. It saves development costs and time to the business owners.

The perfect technology for business owners is UnicoTaxi. UnicoTaxi helps develop the bike taxi app quicker, and then you can get iOS and Android apps from a single source code.

# Step 3: Planning and Executing

For developing a bike taxi app like Uber, follow the agile methodology, there would be steady review and process to build up the bike taxi app relating to the intended users. According to the business requirements, you can develop your app from us. Each task in your plan contains exact data on how to be created. Task will get assigned to professional app developers, and the advancement has been analyzing well.

To build up a bike taxi app like Uber, you can choose a white-label and customizable app to dispatch your mobile app faster into the transportation market. UnicoTaxi has all the advanced features with an attractive UI design and viable execution. You get the entire source code, and then you can customize the app based on your on-demand business.

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# Step 4: Test the Performance

After the app development, the testing team checks the app functionality, usability, UI, and app performance. Doing various testing techniques can disclose bugs and glitches that are typically missing up.

The faster you can find those things, the better you can associate with UnicoTaxi. We can do automated testing to measure the app's performance. When compared to manual testing, automation testing gives a better result. UnicoTaxi does the same to avoid human errors.

# Step 5: Ready to Dispatch

Now your on-demand app is fit to be dispatched on the PlayStore and AppStore. If your bike taxi app gets rejected, don't worry. UnicoTaxi can fix the problems and re-dispatch effectively on the PlayStore and AppStore.

Ending Up

Bike taxi apps are fully trusted by specialists now. It will be the next enormous sprinkle in the present traffic world.

UnicoTaxi can also quickly change usual taxi booking apps. Bike taxi apps can be an essential transportation service while coming to short-distance riding or standard drive to the nearby tram station or workplace.

After reading this blog, you have a better idea for sure. The mobile app development process is not an easy thing. With proper guidance, it can be your big break in the transportation business world. The best part you have to do is, invest your money and time in a robust bike taxi app.

You will get essential services of skilled experts at UnicoTaxi mobile apps, whose ability in mobility solution-building is par good. In this way, get your business vision changed into real-time here under a single rooftop.

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