How to Create a Taxi App-Like Curb Clone?

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Are you very eager to know how to create a taxi dispatch software like Curb, what will be the expenses, and what will be associated with developing one?

Use a taxi to ride from X to Y and have updated taxi booking. We would now be able to take a ride in real-time from anywhere in the white-label taxi dispatch software.

The latest type of cab, famously known as bike taxis, has become famous in either independent or mainstream taxi dispatch software in Asian countries like India, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Clients can likewise purchase cabs in a couple of cases and different zones. The curb app development is cost-effective. It is simple to run than the other transportation methods. You should register to join the white-label taxi dispatch software like Curb the following download. Let us take a glance,

Why Curb Clone?

How Can UnicoTaxi Help to Create a Taxi App like Curb Clone?

Features of Taxi App like Curb

Advantages of Taxi App like Curb

Android/iOS/Windows App Development for Taxi App like Curb Clone

Wind Up

Why Curb Clone?

You will need to investigate two main things: the driver app and the passenger app. The passenger app empowers a cab booked, promo codes used, and payment options modified. As a driver app, the taxi driver must create a complete profile to begin driving. This Curb like white-label taxi dispatch software will help accept or reject a ride and ask about a trip.

How Can UnicoTaxi Help to Create a Taxi App like Curb Clone?

UnicoTaxi solution is the top-most mobile app development company abroad and is still counting. We are one of the leading companies. Since its initiation in 2017, UnicoTaxi has served more than 500+ clients from the US, Europe, and Middle-East preferred for many transportation businesses. You must know the features of taxi apps like Curb before planning to invest in app development.

Features of Taxi App like Curb

Increase the User Base Count

In this digital mobility world, nearly everybody uses smartphones to make their lives simpler. Through growing your taxi services to mobile app services, your reach is augmenting. Both drivers and passengers benefit from such taxi dispatch software. Taxi drivers, from one viewpoint, would not have to roam around searching for riders; they can undoubtedly get a cab booking in a couple of taps.

Flexible to Pay Online by Using Multiple Methods

Online payments made it simple for individuals to make their payments. There are multiple payment methods, such as PhonePay, Paytm, Google Pay, net banking, etc. However, a few taxi administrations, passengers, and drivers do not like this new method. It ensures the interest of the target users. They should be perceived and given what they need to satisfy their standards.

Automate the Process

If you have a mobile application like Curb for your transport company, you can smooth out your taxi booking process. Eliminate the dispatcher from the work process of your administrations. The two players are hence totally profited and fulfilled, to be specific:


Riders will be satisfied as the way toward booking a taxi is smoothed out. They do not have to waste time and energy on the street trying to get a cab or on dispatcher calls.


Transportation owners or entrepreneurs will get the source of benefit as more individuals install the mobile app. Due to the app's simplicity, they are getting when booking a cab with no issue.

Advantages of Taxi App like Curb

Bother Free System

In our regular manner, it can take a little effort to get a cab, wait on the street, and stand for the cabs to arrive. In case of newness about the area, it is hard to direct the driver to the exact location. Toward the end of the confusion, discover change or money and wrangle with credit cards.


White-label taxi dispatch software like Curb offers a Ride-sharing feature. It is about sharing taxis with co-riders to reduce carbon emissions, traffic congestion, and automobile journeys. By getting many riders using one cab, Ride-sharing reduces every person's fuel usability and travel cost.

Easy to Book and Quick Payment

Uplift your ride-hailing business by creating to book your cab and by providing hassle-free payment methods. Taxi dispatch software gives both card and cash payments that permit you to transfer ride costs online.

Advance Taxi Bookings

Taxi apps like Curb clone provide a simple payment option before and after the trip. Simple canceling and refund on taxi bookings.


Both the taxi driver and the passenger will want to follow alerts in real-time with GPS enabled in the driver app and passenger app. Passengers need to track their taxi driver in real-time. The driver wants to track them through a live monitoring feature.

Ratings & Review System

The incorporated rating and review system in the app like-Curb permits the rider to rate the taxi driver. It helps executives know the user satisfaction with the driver and the trip. This valuable review system helps recognize the bottleneck and solve the issue to expand their overall business proficiency.

Android/iOS/Windows App Development for Taxi App like Curb Clone

Decide the number of users who can utilize your mobile app.

Create your UI/UX design for your user simplicity.

Take from the feature list for Android & iOS to finalize the white-label taxi dispatch software structure.

Wind Up

Creating taxi dispatch software like Curb for your taxi business is not, however, now a tiring task as you can use the assistance of mobile app developers. The primary concern you need to do is looking through the right app development company at your financial plan. To start on-demand Curb clone app development, choose a ready-made white-label taxi dispatch software. To find more about development cost, features and functionalities, connect with the UnicoTaxi sales team.

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