Upgrade Your Taxi Booking App like Uber: Taxi Management Tips

Upgrade Your Taxi Booking App like Uber: Taxi Management Tips


Traveling around the world has become a hobby for most people. So what is the first mode of transport that comes to your mind when you reach a new place? Uber right? Right from 2009 till date Uber stands as the most popular taxi booking app. The new business model introduced by Uber has taken over the traditional taxi business. It stands out as the role model for most of the taxi business around the world. How to upgrade your Taxi booking app like Uber sparks the mind of those who want to improve their taxi business. This article will help you to bring your ideas to life.

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Understanding the Growing Competitive Taxi Market

How does Uber like a Taxi Booking App Work?

Workflow of Taxi booking apps like Uber

Features to Upgrade your Taxi Booking App


Understanding the Growing Competitive Taxi Market

If you are willing to develop a successful taxi booking app, you must analyze the leveraging competition and the market. With the help of market research, you will be able to understand the market trends, preferences of the customer, and opportunities for your app.

Uber has used a simple method to acquire a huge audience base. They identified the pain points in the taxi hiring process. The point is that people are finding it difficult to find a taxi as it is a time-consuming process. They found a solution for this by helping people to make the booking process simple online. This is less time consuming and people can easily book their taxi with a tap of their mobile phones.

People liked this solution and started using it which in turn helped the growth of Uber-like taxi apps. Monthly, Uber has over 93 million users, and in 2020 they generated a global gross booking of 57.9 billion dollars. Uber market leads the taxi industry in the US as they contribute to 70% of the ride-sharing market whereas Lyft contributes to 30% of the market.

How does Uber like a Taxi Booking App Work?

The success strategy of Uber is simple that is it simply provides the rider with the best travel experience. They will use this goal in every booking process. The user can experience an effortless journey right from detecting the location of the passenger automatically, providing them with real-time tracking, and automating the payments.

Workflow of Taxi booking Apps like Uber

Ride Request

Open the Uber taxi booking app and enter the destination location or set a pickup point. You can let the app detect your exact location.

From the available vehicle types like UberX, UberPool, UberBlack, etc., choose your desired option according to your comfort and capacity.

You will get the payment details before the ride so that you can easily know how much to pay for the entire ride.

When you confirm these details the app will start searching for the nearby drivers.

Get a Matching Driver

Based on the preferred vehicle, location, and other factors the nearby driver will be matched using the algorithm in the app.

The driver's details such as photo, model of the car, license plate, and the estimated time of arrival will be shown on the app screen.

Tracking the Ride

The real-time location of the vehicle can be tracked using the GPS in the vehicle.

The driver can be contacted directly using the details in the app.

Enjoy the Ride

You can simply sit and relax the ride using the Uber clone taxi software.

During the ride you can simply enjoy the music, and use the air conditioning.

Rating and Payment

When the destination is reached the fare will be shown in the chosen payment method.

The passenger can rate the driver and the feedback can be given based on the experience to improve future services.

Workflow for Drivers

Going Online

When the driver is available for the ride they can open the app and change their status to Online to make sure they are available for the ride.

The driver can choose the preferred area of operation and the type of vehicle they like to drive can also be chosen.

Receiving Ride Request

The driver will receive a notification on the app if there is any ride request from a nearby rider.

The app will show the riders’ location, the type of vehicle requested, and the fare estimated.

Based on the availability and preference, the driver can accept or reject the ride request.

Picking up the Rider

The app will show the driver turn-to-turn notification to reach the location of the rider.

After arriving at the rider’s location the driver will verify the rider’s identity and begin their ride.

The Ride Completion

The driver will use the in-app navigation to reach the rider’s destination.

The driver will end the trip once they reach the destination of the rider.

Getting Paid

Based on the payment method selected by the rider the fare will be deduced accordingly and the amount will be deposited in the driver’s account at the end of the trip.

The app allows the driver to track their earnings and the history of the trip.

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Features to Upgrade your Taxi Booking App

For the development of your taxi business, you will need to add progressed components to your Uber-like taxi booking and dispatch system

This section will help you learn how the Uber Clone app helps your online taxi business to survive in this thriving environment.

Booked Rides

Most of the Taxi booking apps allow the riders to have a ride immediately. Planned rides have been implemented by application-based taxi administrations most recently. In this method, the rides can be booked in advance 30 minutes or one month of the journey by specifying the pickup and drop-off area and also by mentioning the time and date of the journey.

Preferred top Choices or Saved Locations

Travelers find it difficult to communicate the regularly visited place to the driver when they book a ride through the app. Most travelers use taxis to drive to work and recreational centers, pick up their children from school, and travel back home. To overcome this issue you can save the regularly visited area through the app which saves time and energy.

Ride-Sharing Experience

To cut down tolls and limit carbon emissions the idea of carpooling emerged. This idea can be implemented if you are developing an Uber clone script. This will help the passengers to reach their destination by paying less for their ride and toll every day. They can travel safely with co-passengers who are traveling on the same path as theirs.

Booking a Taxi for the Contacts

There are people such as our friends, family members grandparents, or any other individuals who don’t possess the cab booking or don’t know how to book a ride using the taxi booking app like Uber. One of the most successful services introduced by Uber is that we can book a ride for any of our contacts. By adding contacts from the location book the client can flag the person who will flag down the taxi. Once the booking is confirmed the person for whom the taxi is booked will receive a message that can be used for help.

Emergency Button or SOS

The main worry of any taxi travelers is security. By adding a crisis button to your uber like cab booking software your business can provide security conventions to the passengers. With the help of this crisis button, the traveler can send a message to any of the contacts at the time of crisis.


The development of taxi booking apps has become a requirement for all taxi companies. You will need a have a deep understanding of the target market, safety measures, and user-friendly design for creating a taxi app like Uber. To provide a positive experience for the users you need to offer competitive pricing, driver satisfaction, multiple payment options, and utmost customer satisfaction. To stand out of the competition you can use the leveraging technology and scalable infrastructure. With customer feedback continuous improvement will keep you in the leveraging competition.

What are you waiting for the world is waiting for the next biggest boom in the transportation industry! Will it be you?

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