UnicoTaxi Product Updates: We Have Released a New Version of Our Software and Mobile Apps

UnicoTaxi Product Updates: We Have Released a New Version of Our Software and Mobile Apps

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The taxi industry is highly competitive, so new startups and businesses are popping up every day. As the taxi industry grows at a rapid pace, so do the requirements. If you want to remain competitive, you must stay updated and add new features to your existing online taxi booking software. We unicotaxi know what our customers and users want, which is why we've released an updated version of our software and mobile apps.

Here, we have compiled a list of UnicoTaxi Product Updates that you might find helpful. Without much delay, let’s begin!

UnicoTaxi Software Updates

Passenger Application

Passengers can check the driver's availability in real-time.

Passengers can book rides either instantly or on a scheduled basis.

Passengers can add and list their favorite drivers.

Passengers can add and save their favorite spots.

Passengers can request a ride from a favorite or nearby driver.

Passengers can request a ride while leaving a message/comment for the driver.

Passengers can provide tips or compliments to the driver.

Passengers get Multi-Lingual Support for using the app.

Passengers can get an estimate of their ride fare before boarding.

Passengers get dynamic ride fares during peak hours and at night.

Passengers can add emergency contacts based on their preferences and send an SOS message to the list of people they have added.

Passengers can pay for their rides using multiple payment options, including cash and credit cards.

Passengers can manage their card payments by adding or deleting debit/credit card details.

Passengers can add funds to their wallets.

Passengers can communicate with drivers via phone calls.

Passengers can provide feedback and ratings on the driver's behavior and service.

On the completed ride, passengers can receive a separate E-receipt for personal/corporate accounts.

Passengers can obtain corporate account payment statements periodically.

Passengers can contact our helpdesk by phone or email for help and support.

Passengers can see the complete production management of drivers.

Driver Application

The driver can manage his profile by adding or editing personal information.

Drivers get Multi-Lingual Support for using the app.

Drivers have an option to call/mail our helpdesk for help and support.

Drivers can cancel the accepted ride in an emergency.

Drivers can provide a reason for ride cancellation.

Drivers can view details of previous/ current/ scheduled rides and filter data based on the date.

Drivers can add emergency contacts based on their preferences and send SOS messages to the added contact list.

The driver can edit ride fare details.

The driver can add toll fare details.

The driver can communicate with the passenger via Call Functionality.

Drivers can provide comments and ratings on passengers.

Allows the driver to take a ride only if the admin has approved the driver.

Drivers can receive app notifications from the admin/dispatcher when there are new updates.

Drivers can get SMS/Mail notifications on new updates from the admin/dispatcher.

Admin Panel

Let's take a closer look at each of the admin panel's updated features one by one.


The dashboard provides a complete picture of the entire fleet and allows you to take immediate action if necessary. Using this admin dashboard, you can quickly view and check the following details by date.

Total number of rides


Total canceled rides

Number of service types

User canceled

Driver canceled

Dispatch canceled

Number of carriers

Number of scheduled rides

Number of dispatcher rides

Number of street rides

Driver not accepted

All of the above information, however, will be depicted in pictorial and graphical form.

Zone Management

Admin can create an unlimited number of zones, each with its own set of characteristics. Generally, each zone gets assigned a list of parameters, such as a specific fare. However, to provide convenience for users, the admin has created three different options:

Add a Location: As part of a zone, an admin can add a particular country or location.

List Location: Admin has access to a list of recently added locations. There is also a separate edit and delete option.

Restrict Location: Admin can create a list of restricted areas by adding locations and then verify them if needed.


Members play a crucial role in the taxi industry. Everyone else has their panel, excluding users and drivers, which is great because it allows Admin to manage and control everything effectively.

However, members of the taxi industry are listed below:



Dispatcher Panel

Company Panel

Corporate Panel

Account Manager Panel

Hotel/Restaurant Panel

Customer Care

Let's take a look at how the admin handles each member.


The Admin panel allows the admin to take control of all passenger requests and inquiries. All users' names, email addresses, contact information, ratings, and ride history are visible to the admin. If an admin receives any unauthorized information from a user, then the admin can block that user. Furthermore, the admin has the right to add, edit, and delete any user.


The admin has access to all drivers' information, including their name, email, contact details, city, ride history, revenue statements, online/offline status, and submitted documents. The admin can also view a list of all unapproved drivers who have registered with the system. The admin can check the driver's vehicle information and documents before approving or disapproving them.

Dispatcher Panel

You'll need a dispatcher to monitor all of the business activities to avoid overload. That is why UnicoTaxi created this dispatcher panel, which allows you to add multiple dispatchers to the list by entering their name, phone number, e-mail address, password, and other details. The dispatcher, however, is in charge of building a driver database, which allows them to respond to ride requests, assign drivers, track rides, etc. Furthermore, the dispatcher can monitor the status of drivers in real-time and act accordingly.

The dispatcher can look up a driver's current status and take the following steps.

Admin dispatchers can add drivers to a list.

Click the New Trip button to start a new trip.

Admin dispatchers can update this list to add and manage all types of bookings and services.

The Admin dispatcher can see the pickup icons using the map view.

Click the Status button to see the availability of all drivers.

The admin dispatcher can assign the drivers for a ride now/ride later by selecting the drop-down option.

Company Panel

Do you want to collaborate with other small taxi companies to grow and expand your business? We'll help you do that by adding an admin to your company panel, allowing you to add additional taxis under your company name. You can add companies to the list by entering their name, company name, email, phone number, commission percentage, profile, and status. A Company Dispatcher, who can add, remove, and manage companies individually, can be appointed by the Super Admin and a sub-company.

The admin can do the following through the company panel:

Create and customize the profile/profile image.

Change the password.

Add sub-companies.

Include a dispatcher panel.

Add drivers and vehicles.

Change the driver and vehicle, if necessary.

Review the trip history.

View all rides and scheduled rides.

Track the locations of drivers and passengers via Google Maps.

View the total number of rides.

View the complete revenue details.

Check the service type and canceled rides.

Access and extract information from driver and revenue statements.

Corporate Panel

These days, taxi drivers prefer corporate rides rather than personal rides because it helps expand their business and earn more money through reputable bulk orders. UnicoTaxi developed a Corporate Panel with this in mind. Admin can create a corporate list by entering its legal name, a display name, an email address, a phone number, a CR number, and so on. The admin has the right to check the corporate status and can add, edit, or remove it from the list.

In this panel, the Corporate Admin can do the following:

Create the group by giving it a name.

View all newly added groups.

Edit and delete groups.

Add employees to the group.

View all the newly added employees.

Edit or delete employees.

Enable/disable the company's auto-pay option.

View and check all the statements.

Change the settings.

Account Manager Panel

Since the Account Manager is in charge of overall revenue management, he contributes to the revenue operations' automatic streamlining. The Account Manager has access to all ride, driver, and account statement information. Furthermore, with the ride statement, driver statement, daily statement, monthly statement, and yearly statement, the Account Manager can keep track of the overall account. The Admin can do the following things at any time using this Account Manager Panel.

Create and edit the profile.

Change the password, if necessary.

View the total number of Rides.

Access the revenue details and account report and extract them.

Extract all account statements on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.

Analyze ride details, including the date.

Double-check the driver statements.

Export the data to PDF or Excel format.

Hotel/Restaurant Panel

The Hotel Panel allows the admin to add a new hotel to their business and view information about their taxi partners. The admin has access to hotel information such as the hotel's name, email address, and phone number. This panel has two booking options: "Ride Now" and "Ride Later." It is a requirement that you select any of these options along with the pick-up and drop-off locations. In addition, the panel allows you to respond to a rider's request by taking action against a specific driver.

The hotel panel, on the other hand, allows the admin to do the following:

Create a profile and edit it.

Change the password, if necessary.

An option to view trips and scheduled trips

Add new trips and Scheduled trips for bookings.

Book taxis for guests and customers.

Customer Care

UnicoTaxi has created a Customer Care Support System to receive and handle customer complaints, allowing us to resolve any issue at the earliest and provide excellent customer service. A dedicated customer service team is available 24x7 to provide customers with a unified support experience.

In general, we handle customer complaints based on the following criteria:

Ticket ID


Mobile Number


Status (Open, In-Progress, Closed)



In the Report section of the Admin panel, the admin can see the Driver Report, Customer Report, and Ride Report. Our advanced payment reports help you keep track of your earnings, plan your business by implementing effective strategies and catalyze actions on weak areas by boosting marketing efforts.

The reports, however, are based on the following statements:

Overall Ride Statements

Daily Statement

Monthly Statement

Yearly Statement

Driver Statement

Corporate Statement

Corporate Invoice

Sub-Company Statement

Sub-Company Invoice

Ratings and Reviews

The app allows the user and driver to rate their ride on a scale of 1 to 5 stars after each trip. Admin can view all user and driver ratings and reviews, as well as information including the user's name, driver's name, request ID, date and time, comment, ratings, and other information.

User Ratings

Passengers usually get graded on courtesy and behavior. Passengers can avoid canceling requests as much as possible to avoid getting a low rating. Always be ready to travel when the driver arrives, and treat drivers with the same respect they would expect from themselves.

Driver Ratings

Drivers are usually graded based on their driving habits, politeness, and how clean and odor-free their vehicles are, etc. Passengers' average ratings are visible to drivers. It encourages drivers to pay more attention to their driving service while improving productivity.


Passengers and drivers will receive notifications or alerts for any activity on the taxi app, such as ride acceptance, expected surcharge, and more. The admin can send a notification alert to the entire list of drivers and passengers or a specific demographic of drivers and passengers.

The admin handles three types of notifications in this section, which are as follows:

SMS Notification: Passengers and drivers can receive real-time ride alerts via SMS text messages from the admin.

Mail Notification: The user and driver receive email notifications at their registered email IDs. At various stages of a ride, Admin can even send automatic emails to both passengers and drivers.

Push Notifications: Admin can use the push notification feature to send business-related information to all users, drivers, or both.

The admin can send all of these three types of notifications to passengers and drivers. Moreover, the admin can edit the names of passengers and drivers, the notification mode, and the message sent, all of which helps in increasing brand awareness.

Service Type

UnicoTaxi caters to meet its customers' needs by offering a range of services. However, the admin can create a list of services – based on the business model, ID, service name, TAX percentage, and service image. Furthermore, the Admin can change the taxi service's vehicle name/ service type and turn it on or off for the business.

Fare Management

Admin can manage various fares for various cities based on the type of vehicle. Surge pricing, for instance, can be turned on or off depending on the day of the week and the time of day.

Standard Fare

The admin can automate the fare calculation process by specifying a flat fare and variable parameters such as fare per mile, fare per minute, waiting time, toll rates, surge pricing, and other charges. This feature allows the admin to set the fare based on the Monday-Thursday Tariff and the Friday-Sunday Tariff. This fare model depends mainly on charges and timings. However, if necessary, the admin has the right to add, edit, or delete fare details.

The automated fares are calculated based on the following parameters:

Starting Time

Ending Time

Base Price ($)

Base Distance (miles)

Distance Price ($)

Minute Price ($)

Free Trip Waiting per min (minutes)

Trip Waiting Price ($) per min

Free Stops Waiting per min (minutes)

Stop Waiting Price ($) per min

Location-Wise Fare

Fares vary depending on several factors, including distance traveled, the time required to travel the distance, vehicle type, vehicle waiting time, and much more. Admin can create a set of location-specific fares by entering the ID, source and destination addresses, service type, reverse, and view status for each location. Meanwhile, there is a separate edit and delete option.

Airport Transfer

These days, finding a cab from the airport can be challenging, especially if you're unfamiliar with the area. UnicoTaxi now allows you to plan ahead of time for your airport ride. UnicoTaxi created the Airport fare, which allows the admin to create a list by entering the ID, source and destination locations, service type, reverse, and view status. There are also edit and delete buttons.

Wallet Management

For all secure transactions, drivers and passengers can add their bank cards to the advanced e-wallet system. It allows business owners, drivers, and passengers to make safe, quick, and effortless payments. The admin can use this feature to add and deduct money from a specific driver or passenger. Admin can also check a driver's or passenger's e-wallet transaction history.

User Wallet

Our advanced wallet system allows users to pay drivers for their rides quickly and easily. They can also create stronger passwords without worrying about forgetting them. The admin can also add or remove numbers from the user wallet.

Driver Wallet

Every driver has a wallet in which he keeps all of his commissions. The driver can transfer his money by selecting the cashout option in the driver app wallet area. However, The admin can add or remove numbers from the driver's wallet, and all wallet flows rely on payment gateway integration.


A responsible driver should always have the necessary documents to avoid problems and ensure a smooth ride experience

Driver Document

Admin can add and edit driver documents in the document section, including registration, fitness, insurance, vehicle insurance, driver id proof, driving license, and other system documents, based on system requirements. Admin can manage these papers dynamically via the admin panel.


Everyone now has a taxi app and prefers it to other modes of transportation. As a result, any taxi app development company must have a solid marketing strategy before going live. UnicoTaxi, on the other hand, uses two marketing tactics to make the taxi app visible to both drivers and customers. Here's what they are:

Promo codes

Riders receive special discounts in exchange for spreading the word about the app. Following a successful marketing campaign, riders can enter the promo code to receive a discount on their booking. Admin has the option to add and manage promo code details such as the promo code, discount, discount type, user type, start date, expiry date, and much more.

Refer and Earn

Earn incentives by referring friends to the cab app. The admin can change the referral settings by activating or disabling the option. Moreover, the admin can choose between referral categories like "First Ride Free" and "Percentage."

Customer Care Portal

A dedicated customer service team is available round the clock to provide users with a unified support experience. The admin can use the Customer Care Portal to file and manage customer complaints. Client complaints, on the other hand, will be categorized into three major categories: open, in-progress, or closed.


The admin can update the app by changing the settings. The admin, on the other hand, has access to the following Settings:

Site Settings

It is for changing the site's information. The admin can add or change the following parameters in this section:

Site Name

Site Logo

Site Icon

Copyright Content

Play Store Link

App Store Link

SOS Number

Contact Number


Social Login

Web Map Key

Android User Map Key

Android Driver Map Key

IOS User Map Key

IOS Driver Map Key

Payment Settings

The Admin can add or modify the Payment Settings, which gets divided into two sections.

Payment Modes

In the payment mode process, the "Smart Dispatch Algorithm" has been effectively implemented. It allows you to switch between cash and STRIPE card payment modes. UnicoTaxi's system integrates artificial intelligence to provide complete security during payment transactions.

Trip Settings

We've provided "Trip Settings" functionality in terms of the categories below:

Tax Percentage

Commission Enable

Commission Percentage

Booking ID Prefix

Edit Trip Fare


Business Settings

The mail and SMS options can be enabled or disabled by the admin. Furthermore, Admin can add and edit the following information if necessary.

Mail Enable

SMS Enable

Country Code

Driver Accept Time Out

Driver Search Radius

Distance Unit

Auto Assign





Available Tips

Map Zoom Level

Time Zone

Change Password

The admin can update the password if necessary.

Legal Settings

Admin can update and remove their 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms of Service' at any time via this Admin panel, which will automatically reflect on the taxi app.

CMS Settings

CMS includes user management, site synchronization, connectivity, and other features for operating the taxi app. The admin can completely change all CMS settings via the backend user interface using this admin panel.

Trip Notes

Before being picked up, passengers may wish to provide the driver with additional information. They can now share a tip or send a quick pre-written message to the driver with a single tap. UnicoTaxi, on the other hand, has created trip notes to encourage safe driving- managed by the admin.

Trip Ratings

Riders and drivers can review each other's ride experience on a scale of one to five stars after each trip. Since ratings are anonymous, you won't see individual ratings related to a specific trip or person. The admin has access to all user and driver ratings.

Service Type Content

The admin can edit and update the following service-type content in this section.

Stop Title

Stop Description

Payment Description

The admin panel, on the other hand, allows you to manage these service-type content dynamically.

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