How to Switch From Another Dispatch System to Unicotaxi?

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The traditional transportation companies are the most affected after the coming of the taxi dispatch system based cab booking startups like Ola, Uber, and more. The on-demand taxi dispatch system model in the current situation will be productive only when worked with the less proprietorship model. However, a large portion of the traditional taxi firms have its own fleet. So, changing to the white label taxi dispatch system will be close to impossible for them.

Traditional cabs are in a place that they should endure the current market situation however can never follow the term of on-demand. For this situation, I would recommend the most recent white label taxi dispatch system that helps you to switch from another dispatch system to UnicoTaxi solution.

So, let’s start..

How Does the Most Recent Taxi Dispatch System Work?

Types of On-demand Taxi Dispatch System

Creation of On-demand Taxi Dispatch System

What Switch Can UnicoTaxi Taxi Dispatch Solution Make for Your Company?

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How Does the Most Recent Taxi Dispatch System Work?

Prior, certain taxi firms utilized a cab dispatch system where the rider needs to make a call to demand a cab. At that point, the dispatcher will send a cab to the location of the rider. This is also outdated to follow.

The advanced on-demand taxi dispatch system joins mobile app taxi booking. Here, the passenger can book in an app by sharing the area on the map. After that, the dispatcher will send a taxi. The dispatcher, driver, and passenger will utilize a mobile app.

The most advanced white label taxi dispatch solution is pretty much a combination of taxi dispatch system and ordinary dispatcher system. It will be a well-suited solution for traditional cabs.

This type of system has more advantages like dealing with and monitoring the information of fleet maintenance management, cab management, driver salary management and a lot more from the admin dashboard.

Types of On-demand Taxi Dispatch System

Particular Service: Corporate taxi rental and airport pick up & drop are few instances for indicated cab dispatch system.

Cab Booking: This is like the ordinary cab booking model. Passengers use phones to book a cab from anyplace and anytime.

Creation of On-demand Taxi Dispatch System

Custom Built: The software is developed from scratch from top to bottom. The effort and time for creating is much more than the other options.

Pre-Built: The pre-built software is a base viable product of the white label taxi dispatch system with every crucial element. The expense is least and customization time is less.

“UnicoTaxi has a ready-made on-demand taxi dispatch system which is specially designed for customary taxi firms to make sure their life span and supportability.”

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What Switch Can UnicoTaxi Taxi Dispatch Solution Make for Your Company?

Highly Observable

The most significant segment where on-demand cabs have an edge over a conventional taxi is the high notability. Presently, with the advancement of mobile app taxi booking customary taxi has a similar perceivability as others.

Most importantly, the users will have simple access to these taxi dispatch services. Possibility of rapid market development is an additional benefit.

Rich Data Analytics Report

Multitudinous information will be available to you and you can create different reports on the admin dashboard. This information can be utilized to survey the rider conduct, trip demographics, surge pricing, demand in peak hours, and some more.

These data can be utilized to improve the entire business. Other information like booking history, driver commission, total no. of rides, and so on can also be seen on the admin panel.

Hassle-free Taxi Booking

Passengers need not wait longer to call in the street and request a taxi. No pressure of disclosing the area to the dispatcher. With only a tap on the smartphone, you can get a cab. Area will be shared through the taxi booking app.

Decentralized Activity

Taxi dispatch system is not totally decentralized yet it is far superior than the on-demand cab. The taxi drivers don’t have a specific goal of dealing with specific rides in a day.

Efficient Operation

As of now the traditional cab owners have immense involvement in overseeing an enormous fleet of cabs. Now, the most advanced taxi dispatch solution adds more strength to its working. Every part of the vehicles, drivers, and bookings are efficient and checked in the admin dashboard.

With the most recent technologies like AI, it is conceivable to additionally smooth out the everyday activity with less human intercession.

For the riders as well, the trip fare is calculated while taxi booking and driver’s review can be accessed.

Real-time Tracking and Navigation

Clearly, the smartphone for taxi booking and accepting the taxi request will have features like a GPS system. It can be used by the passenger to track the taxi until it has shown up at the spot.

The driver is able to navigate the location absolutely in this app during travel. AI and Machine learning are used to discover the route with the shortest possible route and less traffic. All those are done in real-time.

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Indeed, these are only a portion of the obvious methods in which a UnicoTaxi solution can help a transportation business. With lots of tech progressions available to us, we are attempting to execute the relevant technologies in the on-demand taxi dispatch system and are keep evolving every single day trying to fulfill our clients.

If you are one among the customary taxi firms, at that point now is the correct time for you to reexamine your firm and also I hope that UnicoTaxi white label taxi dispatch system can be of massive assistance to you.

Kindly collaborate with us to get our taxi dispatch solution and please drop a message to for more information and doubts about UnicoTaxi. We are available 24/7 to respond to you.

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