How to Manage 200+ Fleet of Taxis Through a Branded Taxi Dispatching System?

How to Manage 200+ Fleet of Taxis Through a Branded Taxi Dispatching System?

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Well, it doesn't matter whether it's 1van, 10taxis, 100 taxis, or more than 200+ taxis- managing a fleet of business vehicles can be difficult without a Taxi Dispatch System. However, if done successfully, it can help business owners and managers reduce costs and maximize profits.

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Why Should You Invest in a Taxi Dispatch System?

How to Manage 200+ Taxi Fleet Using a Branded Taxi Dispatching System?

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The craze for the online transportation business has been growing day by day. Everyone wants the best taxi dispatch system with almost every feature, but you can't stand out in the market unless you know what's best for your company. So, you should know what is required and be familiar with basic features.

Why Should You Invest in a Taxi Dispatch System?

When it comes to fleet management, more data is always better. The right software can help your taxi company save time and improve performance. On-demand taxi booking apps provide a great booking experience to customers as they can communicate with the drivers in real-time. And, as smartphone and internet use expands globally, so will the use of taxi apps. Here are a few reasons why an open-source taxi dispatch system is a vital investment option for taxi services.


Overseeing reports and accounts manually is a time-consuming/labor-intensive task, and a taxi dispatch system can handle it effortlessly. The solution includes advanced analytics tools for the admin's use. Everything is done online, from taxi booking to driver payment, and there is no paperwork involved.

Real-Time Location Tracking

A rider can track the driver's location in real-time using taxi dispatch software. At the same time, the driver can track the rider's location. As a result, the driver can take the shortest possible route, saving time and fuel. Furthermore, customer satisfaction increases when drivers arrive on time.

Convenience and Comfort

The taxi dispatch system provides convenience and comfort to all of its stakeholders. The customer is no longer required to find the taxi on the street. Instead, the user can select the location on the map, and the driver will quickly identify them.

Increases Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a vital component of every company's success. A taxi dispatch app increases your visibility and exposes your company to a larger audience. And if you can create a functional, user-friendly app that makes the lives of your clients easy, you will undoubtedly gain the recognition and awareness you seek.

Monitor Driver Performance

As we all know, poor driving habits can harm your revenue and business, so several taxi owners should overlook the importance of monitoring their drivers' performance. Taxi apps allow you to monitor your drivers' behavior in real-time. Analyzing metrics such as speed, harsh braking, break times, and fuel consumption can help you train your drivers more effectively.

Earn High Profits

In the end, it all comes down to the bottom line. You should invest in a taxi dispatch system that benefits your business and profits. If you use other taxi aggregator apps, you might already be losing money due to high commissions. With your taxi app in place, you can cut commission costs while increasing profit margins.

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Now let's look at how to use a taxi dispatch system to manage a company's fleet of vehicles.

How to Manage 200+ Taxi Fleet Using a Branded Taxi Dispatching System?

# Have a Well-Executed Vehicle Management Plan

A well-executed fleet vehicle management plan can contribute immensely to the bottom line of any business. Such a well-planned fleet management program includes tracking, evaluating, and optimizing every aspect of the fleet, such as purchasing vehicles, monitoring the fleet, managing costs, appointing and training drivers, modifying safety rules, establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), preparing the team for all operational situations, etc.

# Use GPS Tracker to Track Your Fleet

Sophisticated fleet tracking systems that use global positioning systems (GPS) to track the exact location of any vehicle are now widely available. Installing GPS trackers in taxis and other vehicles allows for better fleet management at a lower operating cost.

# Maintain Proper Records of All Data

Maintaining records is crucial for fleet management. It is the manager's responsibility to be aware of all details. Also, make sure to have a log signed daily by the drivers, and this log should include details such as the driver's name, date, the number of vehicles they drive, and the time they started and returned.

# Hire and Train Drivers

When hiring fleet employees, you should look for specific qualifications and characteristics. While qualifications may differ depending on the type of vehicles in your fleet, there are some general guidelines to follow:

A valid driver's license is necessary for the applicant.

They must be physically and mentally capable of driving a commercial vehicle.

Applicants must have a certain level of experience and a clean driving record.

The applicant must provide several references from previous employers, which should get verified.

Ensure that they have passed a certified pre-employment drug and alcohol screening.

When it comes to driver training, we strongly recommend you to conduct regular training to keep them focused on safety and efficiency.

# Safety and Risk Management

In terms of safety, once you've purchased your vehicles and hired your fleet drivers, you must be proactive in protecting them.

To begin, promote safety and risk management within your organization. As previously stated, employees should receive regular safety training. You can also impose mandatory safety policies such as always wearing seatbelts, keeping a safe distance between yourself and the fleet in front of you, and knowing what to do in the event of a breakdown or collision.

# Use an Advanced Fleet Management System

An advanced fleet management system allows managers to track and maintain their fleet in a timely and accessible manner. This type of software gives the fleet manager complete control over practically every element of its operations. Managers can also benefit from features like real-time alerts, route optimization plans, on-time delivery planning, and more. So it's time to buy the best fleet management software that will work with your current systems without a hitch.

The Bottom Line

Managing a fleet can be challenging at first. When you focus on best practices in operational management and efficiency, vehicle acquisition and maintenance, vehicle and driver safety, and compliance with government regulations, you'll be well on your way to managing an effective commercial fleet.

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