Kapten Clone: How to Clone Apps Like Kapten? Check Out Key Features

Kapten Clone: How to Clone Apps Like Kapten?  Check Out Key Features

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The Kapten Taxi app- rebranded from Chauffeur-Prive, was founded in France in 2012 and later acquired by the German automakers Daimler and BMW, is the UK's second most popular ride-hailing app. It has merged with “Free Now”- another well-known name in London's taxi industry, to develop a strong counter-attack against Uber, a billion-dollar enterprise. Moreover, the Kapten taxi app runs a marketplace for independent professional drivers and not taxi drivers. The service is currently available in London, France, Portugal, and Switzerland, with plans to expand to 15+ European cities and reach millions of users by 2022.

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Why Build an App-Like Kapten?

The Key Features of Kapten Clone App

How to Clone an App Like Kapten?

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Why Build an App-Like Kapten?

Kapten taxi app has over 2+ million loyal customers and employs over 20,000+ drivers. Since it is France-Based, the Kapten app pays all of its taxes locally to the French Government.

The demand for the best ride-hailing app solution grows in the market, so does the need for ride-hailing services. Therefore, obtaining the best Kapten clone app will allow entrepreneurs to fulfill their dream venture quickly. Customers benefit from the Kapten clone script's competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Users can, however, take advantage of the app's loyalty program, which offers a range of discounts and incentives. It rewards customers with free rides and access to new benefits when they use the Kapten clone app. Furthermore, this taxi clone app goes an extra mile to serve its customers by including features to enhance the customer experience. For example, if you specify your flight number, your Kapten driver will meet you at the airport where your airline will land.

Are you interested to clone an app very similar to Kapten?

For its familiarity and specialization among people, booking taxis online is now a big trend everywhere. Any business owner's primary goal is to have a low-cost startup that generates a high return on investment. That is why the Kapten clone script encourages several new entrepreneurs to start their on-demand taxi businesses online. Now let us see.

The Key Features of Kapten Clone App

Book Now Or Ride Later

Riders can choose to "book now" or "schedule ride" by entering accurate date and time information.

Fare Estimation

Before booking the ride, one can get an estimate of the total fare. It is a crucial feature because the user can decide whether the ride is affordable or not.

Multiple Payment Gateways

One of the best features of this taxi clone script is the availability of multiple payment methods such as a credit card, cash, mobile wallets, online transactions such as Paytm, and so on, which makes it more user-friendly.

Favorite Destination

Riders can make any of their previously visited destinations a favorite. They can get to their specified address with a single click.

SOS Contacts

Users and drivers can request emergency help via a dedicated SOS button that floats throughout the ride map.

Live Location Tracking

The location of the user's ride can get tracked in real-time. Meanwhile, real-time GPS helps direct drivers to the passenger's location.

In-App Calling

Users can call drivers directly from the app, and drivers can contact customers. Drivers can have their calls routed through masked numbers.

Trip History

Check out detailed information on completed, upcoming, and canceled trips. Check the pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as the fare for the specified trip.

Rating and Review System

The Kapten Clone App allows users and drivers to rate and review their rides using star rating systems and text reviews.

How to Clone an App Like Kapten?

Do you want to make your taxi startup successful like Kapten? If yes, nothing beats developing a comprehensive taxi booking app solution, which is considered the future of transportation. It's vital to comprehend the primary components of the entire system before creating an app like Kapten or a similar taxi booking software. However, to replicate the Kapten taxi booking app experience, UnicoTaxi creates a fully-integrated custom Kapten Clone App, including driver app, passenger app, and the admin panel, which handles dispatches and bookings. UnicoTaxi's dedicated team of developers understands what it takes to create an app like Kapten. Whether you run a small or large-scale taxi startup, you can use our Kapten clone app development services to build an app like Kapten that will help your taxi business grow exponentially.

Want to Build a Kapten Clone App?

Our team will help you build an app like Kapten, – starting from defining a business strategy and implementing technological innovation. Simply send us your request for Kapten Clone app development, and we are ready to help.

What's more, take a look at a live demo of the app's features and functionalities. This way, you can tailor it to your taxi company's needs. Once you place your order, the app development team will start the white-labeling process and deliver it to you within a week. This way, you can launch your taxi business so quickly.

Summing Up

Many taxi operators who want to grow in this competitive market can benefit from the Kapten clone app. Having a Kapten taxi clone app allows customers to book cabs based on their specific needs. Even though a private hire car is usually the most affordable option, users can also book an official taxi, an eco-friendly cab, an extra-large taxi, or a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. With an app like Kapten, customers can book rides easily, pay quickly in-app, and complete the trip safely!

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