InDriverClone: How To Clone An App Like InDriver?

InDriverClone: How To Clone An App Like InDriver?

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The taxi app industry, which is currently dominating the market scenario, has piqued the interest of a lot of individuals. As taxi apps like Uber and InDriver are gaining popularity, the competition is heating up. Entrepreneurs who want to create a taxi business app like the InDriver clone app want a fully customizable and automated app that provides on-demand technical solutions. However, with the help of top-quality cloning services, it is now possible to launch a full-fledged taxi business in just a few days.

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Why Go for an InDriver Clone?

Features of InDriver Clone App

InDriver Clone App Development

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Without much delay, let’s get started !

Why Go for an InDriver Clone?

inDriver is a top-rated taxi service company that offers easy and affordable trips in any part of the world while focusing on customer satisfaction. Unlike other ride-hailing apps, inDriver Clone gives users control over the terms and preferences of their rides. The feature, known as Real-time Deals (RTD), allows passengers to make a fair offer based on the recommended price or preferences when requesting a ride. Drivers in the area will then receive the ride request and will have the option to accept it, ignore it, or negotiate a better fare.

The inDriver clone script is a quick and easy solution that allows drivers to negotiate fares in real-time with their passengers. It uses a real-time transaction model. This app also allows you to set your fare rates, which you can adjust based on current traffic conditions and other variables. However, the business model of this taxi service is to allow drivers to negotiate ride prices. It allowed them to enter a market dominated by its main competitor Uber, which controls roughly 40% of the market share. Their business model has proven successful, as they have captured nearly 10% of the total market share since their inception and show no signs of slowing down.

Features of InDriver Clone App

# Accept/Reject Ride

When a rider bids his price, the drivers have three options: accept, reject, or bid for a higher price. This feature enables drivers to select their rides.

# View Earnings

Drivers can view their daily, monthly, and total trip earnings, and they can even check their wallet's current balance and details.

# Wallet System

Riders can pay for rides directly from their wallet using the app's wallet option.

# Driver Details

At the time of registration, the driver will upload documents such as ID proof, license, and registration certificate. The admin can verify the documents uploaded by drivers.

# Driver’s Availability

Drivers can change their availability status to Online/Offline at any time. However, no ride requests will get accepted while the driver is offline. know How to Attract More Taxi Drivers to Expand Your Taxi Business

# Feedback/Rating

Upon completion of the ride, users can provide feedback and ratings to the drivers.

# Get Driver’s Information

Once the driver accepts a ride, the rider can view the driver's details, such as name and image, and call/chat with the driver.

# In-App Chat and Calls

Riders and Drivers can use the app's in-app chat and call (VoIP) functionality to be more secure and avoid sharing contact information.

InDriver Clone App Development

People prefer taxi services for several reasons, which provide entrepreneurs with numerous opportunities. Building a taxi booking application from scratch, on the other hand, is not as easy as it sounds. So apart from the enormous costs involved, replicating a development model like InDriver generally requires a team of dedicated developers capable of bringing an app to life.

The good news is that developing an InDriver clone app is possible using a ready-made pre-built script. As a result, buying a ready-made InDriver clone app can help you accelerate your taxi app development at a breakneck pace and for a relatively lower cost. Furthermore, the apps are fully customizable and can be white-labeled.

It's time to start working on the project. As previously stated, include unique features when developing a set of features to earn extra credit from your end-users. Once you've decided on your app's functionalities, it's time to find the best mobile app development company to help you build a high-quality InDriver Clone App. Contact UnicoTaxi if you don't want to take any risks with your app development. UnicoTaxi offers white-label InDriver clone app solutions to taxi app businesses. Our development team has years of expertise developing game-changing on-demand solutions for the industry.

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Summing Up

Taxi-booking apps have made passengers' rides more convenient and comfortable. UnicoTaxi offers entrepreneurs an InDriver clone script to help them successfully launch their online business venture.

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