How can NEMT Dispatch Software Benefits Healthcare Providers?

How can NEMT Dispatch Software Benefits Healthcare Providers?


The number of people with chronic medical conditions is increasing these days. This has increased the need for Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), which helps people to attend their medical appointments, return from the emergency rooms, and transfer between hospitals. Some people are not getting access to transport to and from medical appointments, social services, or some other health services because they are unable to access their transportation. Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) software is mainly designed to avoid this situation. This blog will give a clear view of the medical transportation system and its benefits for healthcare providers.

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What is NEMT Dispatch Software Solution?

Understanding the Growth of the Medical Transportation Industry?

How does the NEMT Dispatch Software System work?

What are the Benefits of Using NEMT Dispatch System?


What is NEMT Dispatch Software Solution

The technology-friendly approach that provides fast, cost-effective, and reliable non-emergency medical transportation service to patients is termed NEMT software. As the older people are outnumbered the number of children the need for this system is being increased. Healthcare transportation barriers are reduced with these services. They also provide reliable transportation service and operational care is provided by cloud-based Paratransit Dispatch Software.

Services such as managing reservations, dispatching drivers, tracking vehicles, and billing clients automatically by this system. Most transport management system focuses on the stream of the industry such as billing or dispatching. But the best ones will provide all-in-one solutions.

Understanding the Growth of the Medical Transportation Industry?

According to the report by 2022 NEMT market forecast, it is found that the industry has a net worth of 8.6 billion dollars in 2021. The market is expected to grow up to 15.6 billion dollars at an annual rate of 9% between 2021 and 2028. This industrial growth is due to the multiple services provided by them.

With an increase in the number of services, the profit of the industry also grows. With on-time trips every time the transportation industry will continue to grow as well. To meet the industry needs and demands of the passengers the NEMT providers should use high-end technology.

How does the NEMT Dispatch Software System work?

Using Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) software is easy as it is easily available and accessible to HR, Admin, and even passengers and drivers.

So let’s learn how it works!

Trip Scheduling

The client can use the medical transport booking app or call a broker to schedule a trip. This will include the pick-up location, location, and drop-off time. The software will directly find the trip from the brokers or the available vehicles. Drivers will be notified and they will pick up the passengers on their way.

Match a ride

The ride will be scheduled once the driver or vehicle is matched with the client.

Pickup and drop-off

The driver and the client will receive a reminder about their scheduled trip. Once the driver meets the client, fleet tracking system which is in the NEMT dispatch system will start tracking the vehicle.

All system functionalities will be available in the admin panel. This means that all operations can be easily viewed and managed from there. The software will make the hard job easy for you.

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What are the Benefits of Using NEMT Dispatch System?

Let us discuss some of the transportation scheduling software benefits:

Planning and Optimization of a Better Route

This NEMT platform allows users to find the best route for every trip. Some of the modern AI dispatch systems have increased trips because of better cloud dispatching features.

Trip Request Management

Based on the people's needs and destinations every trip request is different. The only demand from the client will be to have a safe journey and reach the destination on time. The trip request can be fulfilled with optimized route planning integration to medical transportation management software. There is a central system in the software that reduces the waiting time of the customer by scheduling the trips which maximizes the amount of trips.

Selecting the Right Vehicle

Some client will be particular about their vehicle model. For example, people with disabilities and senior citizens will seek special medical devices. These people are the main clients of NEMT and will require certain types of vehicle types. With the right system, it is possible to get specific types of vehicles or for certain payers only.

Scheduling Drivers

Scheduling equitable trips for the entire fleet is not possible as it might take days to do it manually. With robust scheduling software, it is easy to manage trip requests in minutes.

Improving Dispatch

Dispatching is an organized process as it covers transportation operations. Cloud dispatching systems will reduce the company’s cost by 50% and require only fewer dispatchers.

Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking

When you are using NEMT central system you can have eyes on the vehicle anytime and anywhere. The transportation provider can keep an eye on the driver and monitor them every time. Fraud and complications can be resolved by installing cameras and ODB.

This real-time tracking helps to monitor if the vehicle is stuck in traffic or any emergency stoppage they can have the report immediately. As the company can solve the situation immediately the patient can still reach the designated place on time. Alternative routes can be found immediately.

Enhanced Communication and Coordination

For the success of modern transportation, communication is highly important. To ensure route optimization the trip dispatching should be organized. Even though everything can be accessed in the app the dispatcher and driver will have few conversations over the phone. Misinterpretation is possible when communicated through voice calls as the signal is poor in most areas.

The client can cancel the trip if the providers provide a show policy and this has to be done in the specified time frame. The user can know about their upcoming trips with the automated reminder sent from the transportation providers.

Generate Revenue and Save Cost

The NEMT software will streamline the operations and do the best schedule for the vehicles. They don’t use the fuel unnecessarily or pick the long route to fetch the passengers. To maximize the use of vehicles the dispatchers coordinate the trips and limit the dispatch of others. Profit can be boosted by using multi-loads which will complete more trips and will decrease the number of vehicles on the road.

By using them efficiently the maintenance cost can be reduced and will eliminate the wear and tear of the vehicle. Using the features, maintenance needs can be tracked and savings can be used for company revenue generation.

Performance Tracking of the Vehicle

For a transportation to be successful the performance of the vehicle has to be tracked periodically. Implementing preventive maintenance service it is possible to track vehicle performance and condition. Pre and Post-trip checklists from the drivers will help to solve the issues immediately.

Utmost Safety

From the above measures it is known that all the vehicles in the fleet are well-maintained and provide utmost safety to the passengers.

It is known that senior citizens and persons with disabilities are the primary clients of medical transportation so the vehicle must be well-equipped to meet their needs. The drivers have to have some knowledge about healthcare so that they can assist the client in some special cases.

Streamlined Billing System

The billing system has to be well-organized so that patients can know about their service costs. This will eliminate and reduce errors which in turn will save time.

While working with brokers the claim has to be submitted without error which can be done with the help of software. As everything is automated the companies can reduce the labor cost by 50%.

Integration of brokers

Very often this transportation scheduling software works with brokers and sometimes with several brokers. The business will keep on increasing with the satisfaction of every customer. This will help us with word-of-mouth marketing which is a great tool to get more customer base.

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High-quality technology can be a crucial element of business. There is no difference in the transportation industry. Our all-in-one NEMT software will help you with optimized route planning which includes other crucial features. We offer other features like real-time tracking, enhanced communication, improved safety, integrated billing, and much more. Make sure to get a free demo before proceeding.

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