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Limousine Dispatch & Car Rental Software/System

Launch your Limousines and Car Rental businesses with our Advanced Digital Solution to ahead toward the mobility platform

Customized apps for drivers and passengers

Offer your customers the convenience and ease of booking limousines by means of personalized and branded mobile app.

Flexible, easy to operate and incorporating individualised features

With an app having individualized features, monitor your limousine business efficiently, customized to the convenience and needs of passengers.

Web admin panels that are all encompassing

Take your service to high levels with dynamic web admin panels.

Mobile App Inbuilt With Ease of Use For Passengers And Drivers

Enabling an efficient and smooth flow of operations, from passenger location to a comprehensive record of trips, etc., the limousine mobile app offers branded solutions for passengers and drivers. Managing bookings efficiently, doing away with making bookings through phone calls, the app elevates your limousine business to desirable levels.

  • Booking through mobile application
  • Passenger-friendly pickup and drop locations
  • Booking conformation and cancellation notifications
  • Availability of records on all rides

An Outstanding Prior Booking And Tracking Characteristic

To care of exigencies in limousine booking, Limousine software allows pre-booking of trips to do away with last minute uncertainties resulting in assured booking, timely dispatch and tracking.

  • Efficient management of booking, dispatching and tracking
  • Location of passenger and drivers through GPS tracking facility
  • Facility to pre-plan trips and eliminate uncertainties
  • Drivers mobile app facilities updation of real time locations
  • Daily trip and revenue tracking through a dynamic admin panel

Hassle-Free Payment Options

Booking limousines online through the app is hassle-free through multiple secured payment gateways options, besides wallet system for enacting transactions.

  • A variety of payment gateways
  • Wallet system for passengers
  • Easy management of passenger invoices, payroll disbursements and credit card payments
  • Get payments online before or after the trip

Reason To Come To Us

With our deep sense of commitment to our partners, we render exemplary service to a wide variety of transportation businesses with the objective of developing their businesses. Our solutions fit the budget of our customers, their specific requirements and time limits, improving their bottomline and giving them entire satisfaction.

  • Total backup of database
  • Updation of software functionality
  • Problem solving, prompt support, bug fixing, updated and security - a complete maintenance of server
  • Board based comprehensive technical support

What Do You Get From UnicoTaxi?

  • Web Admin Panel
  • Company Admin Panel
  • Supervisor Panel
  • Corporate Panel
  • Hotel agent Booking Panel
  • Dispatcher panel
  • Mobile app for passenger
  • Mobile app for driver
  • Website/Online web booking engine

Our Happy Customers

Initially had remarkable demo session with the sales team. Explained in all directions about how software performances which eventually motivates me to buy their product. Its been couple of month since software deliver, enjoying the great support from the team

Director, Newzealand

Team commitments towards delivering the project and turn around time on supports are splendid.

Joseph Oniyama

Product was delivered in a precise manner with a great outcome. You will never get such timely support. The team works even on weekend. Seeking forward to sign couple of more projects.

Jose Ntoco
Marketing Manager, UK

Was looking for apps for my business, and fortunately got to know about NGFOT. They have classy products. Support and turn around time after sales are splendid. Looking forward to having more collaboration in future with this great team.

Steven Williams

They are one of the best solution providers for all taxi companies. Their application is one of the best in the market with more advanced features. They also provide high quality technical support.

Henry Jacobs
Marketing Manager, Sweden

Their customer support has been really good. Their product is one of the best in the market.

David William
Business Analyst, USA

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UnicoTaxi is a taxi app solution provider, who dispenses a white label Smart dispatching software for Taxi companies or Entrepreneur who planning to occupy their local transportation market with Mobility Technology. Our application has a series of smart feature which allows you to stand one step ahead of the competitor and reduce plenty of manpower.

Do I own the Ownership of the software?

Yes, get in touch with our sales team to know the terms and condition.

Can I have the app with design idea?

Why not, we have a young creative team, who can bring much more beauty to your apps.

Is your software support Multi Language?

Seeing the software on local language always gives the customer a higher comfort level. So We can load any additional language on mobile apps.

Does customer can pay through cash or credit card?

Our app allows customer to choose plenty of payment platforms including cash and credit card.

I want to add some specific feature, is it possible?

Unicotaxi is purely customizable to any level based on your business needs, share your specific features with our team to get the integration timeline.

Does UNICOTAXI support small fleet companies?

Very Much, we do offer legitimate plans based on small, mid and large level companies. Get in touch with our sales expert to gather more details.

Any way to have the trial version of our software?

Indeed, You can explore the entire of software for 15 working days without the requirement of any credit card. Contact our sales team or request it through sales@unicotaxi.com to grab your trial pack.

Do I need to pay any monthly fee per taxi?

If you adopting for SAAS based plan you will be paying a decent set up fee along with monthly rental plans per taxi.

Can I work with individual taxi's and small fleet taxi companies in a commission based model?

Indeed. You can add a list of individual driver and get a commission on each transaction. Likewise, you can give a panel to small fleet owner to get commission on each transaction.

Can I see fare in advance?

Very Much, before taking ride you can see estimate cost of the ride in advance.

Can customer and driver rate and comment each other upon trip completion?


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