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Rule of the Taxi World With Your Own LeCab Clone App

Our White-label LeCab Solution is Perfect For All Scale Ground Taxi Business

LeCab Clone Script Unique Features

Smart Live Tracking

Make the passengers alert to the right locations of the vehicle. Passengers can get ready for the rides in a hassle-free manner.

SMS/Email Verification

Your passenger app consists of a feature designed to verify the specific customer by SMS and Email.

Schedule Ride

The rider can book a cab instantly or, they can choose the 'ride later' option. Our solution has this option, and users can do this with a couple of snaps.

Feasible Cab Selection

Riders can use this feasible option on the LeCab clone app while choosing the cabs among mini, sedan, SUV, and so on.

Ratings & Reviews

Both passengers and drivers can provide ratings and reviews to each other once they have completed the trips.

Multiple Payment Options

Riders can pay either by debit/credit card, cash, and other online payment modes through the LeCab clone app.

Accurate Estimation

You can get the Estimated Time Arrival (ETA) of nearby cab drivers to the rider's location and estimated fares.

In-App Chat

Your riders can chat with cab drivers or supportive agents for any issue or queries via an in-app chat feature.

SOS Button

Passenger safety and panic SOS buttons are mainly to inform their friends or family when they are in danger or sense it.


When in the regular ride or during surge time, customers will see the exact trip prices via the taxi app.

Cancel Ride

LeCab clone script has a cancellation option. So riders can cancel their rides with just a few clicks on the reason for cancellation.

Promo Codes

You can reward your loyal users or new customers with promo codes for increasing your brand value in the market.

Our LeCab Clone Script Package Includes

  • White-label LeCab Clone Taxi App

    UnicoTaxi removes our logo and name from everywhere visible when you buy our LeCab clone and change it with your company name and logo. Revenue-generated white-label taxi app uses for establishing your app in the taxi market.

  • Free Language Integration

    Wherever you want to customize the taxi app, UnicoTaxi will do free language integration along with English. It is completely FREE! If you need to launch your LeCab clone app in Ukraine, UnicoTaxi will integrate the Ukrainian language.

  • Free Bug Support

    UnicoTaxi offers bug support without an additional penny. Our development and testing team can deliver the crash-free LeCab clone app. It's our pleasure to solve the systematic bugs quickly at free of cost. It's FREE!

  • Android/iOS App Installation

    UnicoTaxi will launch Android apps on the Play Store and iOS apps on the App Store for you. Upon app approval, the complete Q/A will conduct, once the taxi app is uploaded and installed on the respective platforms.

  • Free Currency Integration

    Wherever region you launch a taxi app for would need the native currency transactions. With this currency feature, you can even oversee the base currency rate. UnicoTaxi offers this feature on a white-label app like LeCab free of cost.

  • 100% Customization

    Our white-label LeCab clone solution will enable you to customize the taxi app's UI interface and features the way you need it to be. 100% customization allows a client to plan some unique features of their taxi app. The flexibility of customization allows you to create a final product as per your expectations.

  • Native Technology

    UnicoTaxi professionals developed the app with native technologies to create it look attractive. The cutting-edge technology helps you maintain your app performance, and the app is faster in execution. UnicoTaxi has developed the app with native technologies to get a better user experience.

Here is a sneak preview of our package


Passenger APP IOS


Passenger APP Android


Passenger Web APP


Driver APP


Driver APP Android


Driver Web APP


Super Admin Panel


Dispatcher Panel

Our White-Label LeCab Clone App

Passenger App

  • Book a Ride
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Location Tracking
  • Different Payment Modes
  • Feedback System

LeCab clone app enables passengers to book a cab whenever they want to move anywhere.

Real-time notifications to inform passengers about ETA, location, offers/discounts, and ride status.

Google map integrated into the taxi app for the convenience of tracking the real-time location of a cab driver.

Different payment methods are available. It will be accessible to passengers for easy and quick payment for trips like debit/credit cards, cash, PayPal, net banking, wallets, etc.

Enables riders to provide their ratings and reviews on a riding experience and leave feedback.

Driver App

  • Request Management
  • Passenger Location Tracking
  • Route Optimization
  • Availability Status
  • Trip & Income Summary

Enables cab drivers to accept the requests or reject them from passengers on the LeCab clone app.

Help cab drivers to find passengers with this tracking system in the taxi app showing pick-up location.

Using the route optimization feature, the driver can choose the shortest route or best-optimized route when multiple ways available to reach the location.

Cab drivers can change on/off status as per their availability in the taxi app to accept the trip and let passengers know their availability.

Cab drivers can get the trip and income summary in detail received from their completed trips.

Admin Panel

  • Notifications
  • Documentation
  • Vehicle Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Report & Analytics

Using the Admin panel, you can send real-time notifications to users regarding offers and discounts on a special occasion.

Admin can maintain the proper record by using the document processing tool to add or remove information like name, ID proofs, contact, etc.

Using the Admin panel, you can manage your vehicles and drivers. You can add and remove the vehicle and driver details anytime.

Enables the Admin to update the trip cost based on the distance, vehicle type, or rider location. The Admin can use it to update surge prices because of high demand.

Useful graphs and data analytics available in this panel can assist the Admin decides for future purposes.


How do I get the LeCab like app?

To buy the UnicoTaxi app, you must place an order, and we will move over to the Android/iOS apps on play/app stores free of cost.

Who will own the source code of LeCab?

You are the owner of the LeCab clone app.

How can I get a free live demo?

Call us or leave us through live chat/email.

What languages does the LeCab clone app support?

The app is in the English language. It can support multilingual as well.

Are your scripts modifiable?

Yes, UnicoTaxi is adaptable and flexible. You can customize our script as per your requirements.

Is the UnicoTaxi clone app affordable?

Yes, our solution is affordable to all taxi scale companies.

What are the suited devices for UnicoTaxi?

Passenger app: All Native Android and iOS devices

Driver app: All Native Android and iOS devices

Who will maintain the passenger profile?

The dispatcher and taxi company will maintain the passenger profile.

How many dispatchers can the UnicoTaxi solution support?

UnicoTaxi can handle 'n' number dispatchers concurrently. It provides an accurate and dynamic response to each trip.

More doubts on the Admin panel and Dispatcher panel.

Please feel free to reach us for any doubts or question over live chat/call or visit us at https://www.unicotaxi.com/contact-us

Technologies We Use


iOS (Objective C/Swift)


Android (Native Java/Kotlin)


PHP (Laravel)


Google Maps (API)


AWS Cloud Server

Disclaimer: We are using the term "Lecab" for the purpose of easy understanding & identification. We are not related to Lecab. & not doing any promotion activities for them.

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