How to Start an Airport Taxi Business in the UK?

How to Start an Airport Taxi Business in the UK?


Are you an entrepreneur who enjoys spending miles on the road? Then starting a taxi business to and from the airport could be a great choice for you. People who are friendly and like to talk with others worldwide can also consider starting such a business. An airport taxi owner will know about the flight details, staff schedule, paperwork, and fleet timetables. Combining all the above-mentioned skills can help you to start the airport cab business. With time you will know how your business grows discover the areas of your expertise, and hire staff to perform tasks. So it’s time to know where and how to start your airport taxi business in the UK.

Table of Contents

Why Start an Airport Shuttle Business in the UK?

Is the Airport Shuttle Business the Right Fit for You?

Conducting Market Research

Research Cost and Equipment

Checking License and Regulatory Requirements

Get Insurance

Research Pricing

Find Customers

Wrapping Up

Why Start an Airport Taxi Business in the UK?

Starting an airport taxi business in the UK presents a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs. With the UK being a popular tourist and business destination, there is a constant demand for reliable transportation to and from airports. The convenience and necessity of airport rides services make it a viable business idea with the potential for steady growth and profitability.

The UK's well-developed transportation infrastructure and the presence of numerous airports create a favorable environment for establishing an airport taxi business. Moreover, the country's robust tourism industry and the regular influx of business travelers ensure a consistent need for efficient airport transportation services. By tapping into this market, aspiring business owners can cater to both local and international customers, offering them a reliable and comfortable mode of travel. Overall, the UK's thriving travel sector and the constant flow of passengers make it an attractive location to start an on-demand airport transfer business.

Is the Airport Shuttle Business the Right Fit for You?

To give wings to your idea you should start thinking of the right fit for you. You need to be a good driver who enjoys driving and loves to spend more time on the road. Most of the flights that are booked in the evening will arrive late so you need to wait until the flight arrives and should be comfortable with the night rides. It is important to make sure that you are people-friendly and should be able to communicate with people from around the world. You must be fit so that you can lift your luggage. You need to be sure that you abide by the law and regulations.

Conducting Market Research

The first step to starting the business is to research the type of service that is most required in your area. You need to find the distance between the nearby airports in the UK and know how frequently they are used.

The number of people that are using the airport will affect your business directly as the greater the amount will determine the number of times people will need airport shuttle.

If you are near the frequently used airport terminal then there will be more use of the shuttle services. If you are far away from the airport then the arrival of flights will be occasional and the number of passengers in the area will be less and they will require only a few shuttles in that area.

You should not forget to keep a partnership with the nearby hotels, accommodation providers, conference centers, and tourist places where they will require a shuttle to get their guests to the airport safely and quickly.

Make sure that the area you choose is underserved by the airport shuttle so that you can stay out of the competition.

Research Cost and Equipment

Before starting an airport shuttle service you should know the money for cost and equipment. Vehicles like minibus will cost more. These buses can accommodate 9 to 16 passengers including drivers. Since vehicle is your major investment you should make sure they are reliable and roadworthy. You can either purchase a minibus or lease one on a monthly or yearly basis. In the initial days, you can start with one vehicle. You can expand your fleet as your business grows.

The vehicle can be chosen based on the luggage space, seating arrangements, and Interior design. Based on the needs of your target audience you can choose the vehicle needed.

Other costs that need to be considered within your budget are License fees, administrative costs, marketing material, payment options, vehicle extras, insurance, and Uber-like airport taxi scheduling software.

Checking License and Regulatory Requirements

To start an airport taxi business you need to meet the regulatory requirements and relevant licensing.

If you have your own minibus and taxis or lease one you should make sure that you have a manual driving license. If your minibus has nine seats or more you should meet other license requirements. Other licenses are:

D1 license

You will need to have a special training course and should have a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) using which you can transport nine passengers or more.

Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) license

It is a part of the D1 license and it should also be obtained.

To run an airport transfer for set routes you will need to have a private hire. These services can be enjoyed only by the passengers who have pre-booked their ride. Your Airport ride-hailing app should have pre-booking and other features like ride cancellation, schedule booking, alert notification features for both riders and passengers and more. These features will enhance the overall experience for both passengers and drivers, providing a seamless and convenient airport transfer service. Additionally, incorporating user-friendly interfaces and secure payment options will also contribute to a positive user experience.

It is important to note that without advanced booking private vehicles cannot collect passengers on the spot as it is considered as an offense and will cost a huge penalty.

You can operate a black cab service and Limo cars to receive passengers without pre-booking.

Get Insurance

There is a high chance of accidents, injuries, or damage if you are carrying passengers for a fee and your business must protect them. Here are some of the points that have to be considered before choosing an insurance cover.

Make sure that the cover is for passengers and staff including your vehicle.

If you use the same provider for your entire vehicle you will get discounts against multiple policies.

The liability premiums for the passengers should be checked.

If your employee is a driver or other staff, there is a research option for employers’ liability insurance.

Research Pricing

This step is quite crucial as you will be sending your potential customer to your competitor that offers low-price shuttle service.

If you set your prices low you will have the risk of initial investment and it might lead to loss. To keep the right balance you should follow the following methods.

Booking Method

If you are going to an airport with many terminals or if the passenger has pre-booked, then it is good to use an on-demand shuttle that can wait at the airport. It is an added advantage to know the timings at the airport that receives fewer flights. Make sure that you have the right license as mentioned earlier.

Fare Calculator

If the route changes based on the requirements of the user the fare will be calculated based on the distance travelled. If the location is pre-determined then the fare can be determined before the journey.

Additional Costs

The additional costs include the extra distance traveled, extra luggage, and the waiting time at the airport. The pricing options can include the amount spent on the vehicle and the type of vehicle you choose.

Effective Ways for Finding Customer Hotspots for Your Airport Taxi Business in the UK

While accommodations and hotels are the best places to look for potential customers, you can get your target audience in other places. Some of them are listed below.

Home stays or exchange groups

Language schools

Conference centers

Tour companies

Business districts

Office parks

Travel agencies

The potential customers are not limited to the above list as people who need to go to and from the airport can also be included.


As you need to do a lot of legal work to get customers it is possible to make the customers come to you. This is where branding comes to your rescue. You must select a memorable brand name for your company and design an iconic logo. Once it is done you can customize your vehicle with your logo and business name which will be a great branding option.


With excellent branding, you can take your on-demand airport limo service to the public. For marketing, you need to create a website online, print flyers with your booking and contact details, hand out business cards for finding potential partners and suppliers, and set up a reward system for bringing the customers back.

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Wrapping Up

There are several prospects for new entrants into the taxi sector. This guide would have given you a clear view of starting your airport pickup and drop business in the UK. If you increase the number of services you offer the customer, you can easily find your potential customers and stand out in the competition. With UnicoTaxi’s user-friendly ride-hailing software you can make the booking easy. To create your own on-demand airport taxi booking app, you will want a team of professional developers. UncioTaxi offers the best developers from all around the world to build your app. Contact us today to get a tailored solution for your taxi business.

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