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How to Develop A Taxi Dispatching App Like Yandex?


On-demand ride-hailing apps have not stayed a prevailing fashion, as well as, they have become our need nowadays. With the developing rivalry, every one of the taxi dispatch systems concocts some innovation to stay ahead in the race. Yandex is one such best taxi dispatch software that has used AI to the fullest to find with modern times. How to create a Yandex-like app? What are the main features of the Yandex clone app?

Let us discuss. The following are the sneak peek of this post,

How to Develop the Best Taxi Dispatch System like Yandex?

The Features of the Passenger App like Yandex

            # Book a Taxi

            # Vehicle Type

            # Booking Confirmation

            # Live Tracking

            # Estimated Time of Arrival

            # Chat Module

The Features of the Driver App like Yandex

            # Upload Document

            # Accept/Reject Trips

            # Driver Availability

            # Earnings

The Features of the Admin Panel like Yandex

            # Record Verification

            # Oversee Revenue

            # Manage Rewards

            # Reports & Analytics


How to Develop the Best Taxi Dispatch System like Yandex?

Digital apps and panels have to develop for the business stakeholders. We have developed the best taxi dispatch system like Yandex using, which entrepreneurs can dispatch their taxi business quickly. Below are the apps and panels that come with the solution,

Driver App

Passenger App

Admin Panel

Dispatcher Panel

The Features of the Passenger App like Yandex

Book a Taxi

Riders can book their cabs right away by giving the location details, and the mobile app will store the data. It will recommend a similar location anywhere the rider enters the mobile app to book a ride.

Vehicle Type

Giving various vehicles is significant with the goal that clients can choose their favored vehicle type. Have a scope of vehicles based on the cost and seating limits so that customers can select that.

Booking Confirmation

When the booking is confirmed, the customer will get a confirmation message on their mobile. The confirmation message incorporates the name of the driver who will take up the ride, pick-up and drop-off location, etc.,

Live Tracking

The rider can utilize the live-tracking feature to know the driver’s location. Live tracking is a real-time feature that will offer transparency to your riders.

Estimated Time of Arrival

The other real-time feature is the arrival time estimate. The rider will get an estimation of the arrival time of the vehicle. Arrival time is not anymore a black-box framework.

Chat Module

When the ride request is accepted, drivers and passengers can talk to each other. As riders and drivers can chat via the mobile app, the reason for sharing personal details is defeated.

The Features of the Driver App like Yandex

Upload Document

Drivers who need to team up with your administrations should submit some documents. The kind of documents required will vary from one area to another. So it depends upon you to choose the document list that has to be submitted. Drivers can transfer these documents directly to the mobile app.

Accept/Reject Trips

Drivers who get the ride requests can either accept or reject taking up the trip. If you wish to give drivers adaptability, this feature of the app is paying attention.

Driver Availability

This specific feature will allow drivers to indicate the status with their availability. Ride requests will plan for drivers whose status shows availability.


Taxi drivers can check upon their income in the driver application itself. The driver app will deliver a report that will show the earnings based on the rides takes in a month, week, or a day.

The Features of the Admin Panel like Yandex

Record Verification

Once drivers upload the essential documents, the administrator will check the authenticity. It allows access to the taxi driver.

Oversee Revenue

Admin can screen the revenue every month or weekly basis or daily basis from the admin panel itself.

Manage Rewards

The administrator can carry out rewarding schemes and oversee them from the admin dashboard. Riders who invite the new customers will get rewards that can benefit while booking future trips.

Reports & Analytics

Reports and analytics is a tool that will catch the overall app performance and also the user’s in-app actions. Using the analytics report, the administrator can monitor the app’s performance and provide services accordingly.

There are different determinants engaged with choosing the expense of app development. The major players are supposed to be involved while developing the best taxi dispatch system like Yandex,

Target platform (Cross-platform, Native, or Hybrid)

The features whether it is fundamental ones or paid plugins

Region or country of your mobile app developer

Play Stores and App Store you in which you deploy the Android and iOS apps

Of all possibilities, it depends on the mobile app development company you choose. At UnicoTaxi, you will receive the most official quote for your best taxi dispatch system development.

UnicoTaxi is a top global mobile app development company. It is working in the best taxi dispatch system tech-industry. It’s an organization that develops the taxi clone product. It will help you to build the best taxi dispatch system like Yandex.


We have made it to the end of this informative blog. The main goal of chalking down this post is to instill information on the taxi industry. I hope you have acquired sufficient information on ride-hailing app development.

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