How to Add a Delivery Feature to My Taxi Dispatch Software?

How to Add a Delivery Feature to My Taxi Dispatch Software?

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Gone are the days when we had to wait long for a parcel to arrive. Today, the burgeoning on-demand industry has changed the face of delivery services with the advent of taxi dispatch software. You can wonder how uber for delivery service fits into the on-demand category. Whenever a change occurs in the traditional method, it is possible to bring anything, including delivery service, under the umbrella of on-demand.

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Importance of Delivery Service

List of Delivery services

Food Delivery Services

Grocery Delivery Services

Courier Delivery Services

Why Should I Add a Delivery Feature to My Taxi Dispatch Software?


More Money

Real-Time Analytics

Save Time and Money

Enhanced Customer Base

Step-by-Step Guide to Add a Delivery Feature to My Dispatching System

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Importance of Delivery Service

Today, customers prefer getting things delivered at their doorsteps. Right from the easy and effortless payment gateway to quick delivery of the products, delivery services have a wide variety of options. However, by integrating your taxi dispatch software with delivery services, you can widen your customer base by offering everything in the comfort of their homes. When it comes to investment in on-demand delivery service, all you need to do is develop an on-demand delivery app and hire delivery personnel. You can also join them and pay them a commission on each delivery.

Here's how it works:

Install the app, sign in, and register.

Enter the pick-up and delivery addresses.

Mention the weight and size of the package (optional).

Your delivery guy accepts the request.

Your delivery guy picks up the parcel.

The parcel gets delivered to the specified location.

Payment and evaluation.

List of Delivery Services

Well, we can't wait to tell you about the new delivery apps and services that are popping up all over the world, whether it's for dinner, clothing, grocery, or food. Here, we will go through the three different delivery services that your business can use to fulfill its specific needs.

Let's look at the three most popular delivery services so you can choose the best one for your business. Through these unique delivery systems, you can relax on your couch and have the things you want or need shipping directly to you.

Food Delivery Services

The food industry has shifted dramatically in the last five years. From the days of free home delivery, customers have been willing to pay more for the convenience of 24-hour delivery, which is where on-demand taxi dispatch software comes in. Having taxi dispatch software lets users serve your customers better by providing robust logistics tailored to meet their specific needs.

Grocery Delivery Services

Going out to local shops to buy groceries daily can be a hassle. People are so preoccupied with their busy schedules that they rarely have time to go to the store and buy vegetables. Since everyone has a smartphone with them every time, the emergence of online grocery ordering and delivery businesses is inevitable.

Courier Delivery Services

Courier delivery services are more popular these days as they provide businesses with cost-effective techniques for distributing products both nationally and globally. Couriers frequently pick up a wide range of orders and deliver them to a specific area or region, reducing overall transportation and time. Courier delivery services minimize the risk of unnecessary journeys made and can perform multiple deliveries in a day by coordinating area-specific deliveries.

With so many choices available, it can be a little tricky to determine which delivery service is best for your business, but with this helpful guide, you will know what to consider.

Why Should I Add a Delivery Feature to My Taxi Dispatch Software?

1. High-Demand

Customers prefer to order online and have it delivered to their homes or office. Offering the delivery service means you stay ahead of your competitors in the taxi industry.

2. More Money

Online ordering naturally expands your customer base, which means you earn more money. When you have more customers, you will get more revenue opportunities for business.

3. Real-Time Analytics

Real-time analytics, such as tracking food preparation, delivery, and customer satisfaction, make it easier to manage multi-dimensional orders quickly.

4. Save Time and Money

When you automate tasks, you don't have to rely on manual entries, which, in turn, saves time and money for that work. Making faster deliveries will help grow your business and increase your profit margins.

5. Enhanced Customer Base

If you were a customer looking for doorstep services, you would probably order from a restaurant that serves online food delivery services. If you own a restaurant that offers delivery, you will already have a customer on your list. This example shows how adding a delivery feature to your taxi dispatch software can help you increase your customer base, making your brand name more easily recognizable.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add a Delivery Feature to My Dispatching System

1. Launch your Taxi Dispatch App and log in to the Admin Panel.

2. Now, go to “Service Type and Fare” and tap “Add New Service Type.”

3. Add “Delivery Service” as a New Service Type, and configure Fare Settings accordingly.

Here you can view the complete setup of the on-demand delivery service. However, you can check the status of each step and edit/change it according to your needs. You can even manage all these settings under the Admin Section.

Want to add some unique features to your delivery business?

The Wrap-Up

Today, the number of delivery methods and options has grown in tandem with technological advancement. So, customers now have countless options for receiving the goods they order online, resulting in a complete shift in attitude toward the on-demand delivery system. Next-day delivery is no longer an option. Instead, people expect to have it. As a result, if your taxi dispatch software does not include delivery service, it is for sure that you will miss out on a large number of potential customers.

Want to setup a hassle-free delivery management platform?

Online delivery services are thriving all over the world. It doesn't matter if it is an on-demand grocery service, on-demand food service, or any other service on-demand taxi dispatch software is just doing great.

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