Must Check Before Developing Cabify Clone Application

Must Check Before Developing Cabify Clone Application

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On-demand apps have been trending over the world. In particular, Cabify like-app. has caught the attention of individuals around the world. With the advent of digital technology, many startups are looking forward to investing in this trending taxi business with robust taxi dispatch software.

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Key Features in your Cabify Clone App

How Can UnicoTaxi Help?

Steps Involved in Taxi Booking with Cabify Clone App

Cabify Revenue Model

Cabify Business Model


Key Features in your Cabify Clone App

Our UnicoTaxi Cabify clone app provides the latest and advanced features that can be customized further according to your taxi business needs. Right from the beginning options to select from different vehicles as listed and taxi drivers available at the particular area, to accept or reject the request as per the customer's necessity, UnicoTaxi plays a vital role in all angles.

Taxi dispatch software has an appealing UI with advanced UI/UX design trends, where your users can utilize the best riding experience right from dispatch to payment.

The advent of live tracking technology makes it further simple for taxi drivers to allow riders pick-up and drop-off. They can effectively track their customers and connect them rapidly with the GPS location feature for optimizing routes and a better customer experience.

Your taxi dispatch software has fully equipped with all the advanced features. It permits your cab to maintain the cab booking business to give the best user experience with no obstruction in their ride.

Route optimization-based accessibility of cabs will help the riders to find and arrive at their trips anywhere 24/7. It provides your riders a hassle-free riding experience whenever without any hurdle.

How Can UnicoTaxi Help?

UnicoTaxi won't keep you waiting for a long time to get your Cabify clone app developed. Our experienced team of specialists will explain to you all the stages, and they will be in link with you to clarify your questions. Get your taxi dispatch software with all the latest features within the deadline. You can audit it once it is getting ready. UnicoTaxi starts the launch and upload process immediately on the Android PlayStore and iOS AppStore once you are happy with your taxi dispatch system.

UnicoTaxi provides the complete Cabify clone app that incorporates all the latest features and functionalities.

Steps Involved in Taxi Booking with Cabify Clone App

Riders can book the taxis by mentioning the location in the taxi booking app.

When the taxi driver is assigning, the ride details are view in the Cabify clone app. Customers can contact the taxi driver using the in-app chat feature.

By using the live-tracking feature, riders can find the taxi drivers.

When the ride is over, customers can pay for the ride using the payment gateway methods accessible.

Customers can rate the taxi driver.

To develop the taxi dispatch software. There is a requirement for three main components like customer app, driver app, and admin panel.

Customer App


Offers and discounts

Advanced search and filter

Payment gateways

Referral programs

Driver App

Customer & trip details

Heat map

Earning module

Availability toggle

Admin Panel

Ride management

Fare management

CRM maintenance

Statistical dashboard

Cabify Revenue Model

Cabify clone app is built emphatically in such a way as to offer a better riding experience to their riders. By permitting them to pick trip preferences before taxi booking itself. When compared with other competitors, Cabify shows unique, particularly concerning its pricing model.

Commission Model - Cabify costs around 20% commission for each ride from their riders. Where cost per kilometer doesn't change based on the time, Cabify has a static fare, and it implies the ride estimation will be exact.

Optimal Route Fare - Cabify charges the optimal route as per kilometer. It implies that it streamlines the distance of the arrival between two points. So the rider should pay as per the distance covered.

Cabify Business Model

The business model of the Cabify clone is similar to other taxi booking clone apps, but three features bring the Cabify clone app as a different one.

Ride Preference - Cabify clone app allows the riders to select the ride preferences as per their comforts like music, air-conditioner, or any other convenience in a cab.

Catchy Navigation - Not all ride-hailing apps give a lot of importance to the UI. Cabify app makes the difference in an attractive, catchy, intuitive design. This experience is all value in the rider's time and option.

'Ride Later' Option - On-demand taxi booking means getting a cab at present, where you stand, or at your location. Cabify clone app permits its customers to 'ride now' or 'ride later' in advance.

In UnicoTaxi, you get exact similar revenue and business model with no charge in the quality of taxi dispatch software. With our Cabify clone app, you can run a taxi booking service in your zone and attract more users by providing unique services in your taxi dispatch system.


Unicotaxi Cabify clone app is created in such a manner to serve an enormous number of target audiences without any lack. Our development and marketing team specialists cooperate to give your taxi dispatch software great productivity and extraordinary app performance.

Launch your taxi business with our taxi dispatch software to acquire revenue. Then, why are you waiting? Reach us now at or live chat, and we will catch you soon.

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