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How is Radio Taxis Different from Uber


It is known that Radio Taxis undergo certain regulations according to government’s ambit of the law.

But, Uber as a private sector doesn't have many regulations which are termed as an exempted service.

What is radio taxi? how does it work?

A taxi business that operates taxis via radio signals is known as radio taxis.

All radio taxis are generally connected to the GPS and while a passenger books a ride, a call center operator would inform the taxi driver available nearest to the passenger’s location & serves the ride.

Hiring drivers for Radio Taxis and Uber

Despite Uber, Hiring a taxi driver for radio taxis isn't easy as there are certain etiquettes that need to be cleared on the driver’s end. To name a few

  • A driver should have a transport badge issued by the transportation department.
  • Cop verification is required.

Uber hires a taxi driver by having background verification checks of the driver’s document such as License, Insurance, no-criminal records (last 7 years) and age ( minimum 23 years).

Radio Taxis or Uber?

Due to Delhi Uber incident, Radio Taxis warned the government that there would be pitfalls on having such an aggregated service.

Meantime, Uber introduced a new panic button in the app for passengers to enjoy safer rides.

However, these both taxi services equally follow the guidelines of the government and provide the same reliability, convenience, and safety.

Mobile App for Taxis

As technology grows, Radio taxis are considered as an old school method and mobile apps came into existence to book a taxi with ease.

Nowadays, people prefer to book taxis via mobile apps which in turn becomes an advantage for many taxi companies to convert their business into app-based services.

So, If you like to grow your taxi business with your customized taxi app, then kindly ping us - sales@unicotaxi.com

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