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Attention Taxi Companies - What You Can Learn From “Uber Loses License In London”


Recently, TFL(Transportation of London) has announced it wouldn’t renew the license for the Ride-Hailing giant UBER to operate in London. That’s Right - No Uber in London.

Why Uber Lost their License?

TFL has found that 14,000 Uber rides in the last few months have involved fraudulent drivers which questioned the safety of the passengers. But how? There was a security flaw in the Uber app which allowed unauthorized/unlicensed drivers to upload their photo in the place of other Uber driver accounts. It has resulted in the passengers safety at stake by riding with unauthorized/unlicensed fraudulent drivers. So TFL declined to renew their license.

What You Can Learn From The Incident?

Not only in London but also in few other countries Uber has been banned - “List of Uber Banned/Non-existence Countries in 2019” due to many reasons. It purely indicates “Grab the Opportunity” - That’s Right, in recent times, everyone is comfortable using Uber for Ride-Hailing services, they can’t live without it. Make use of this opportunity!

Stop being old schooled & update your Taxi Company with Uber-like software and start marketing in the NO UBER zones. Even Careem & Didi started their ride-hailing services in the absence of Uber. Ride-Hailing business in their own battleground made Careem & Didi a tough competitor to Uber when it entered their country. In the end, Uber bought Careem for 3.1 billion USD (that’s a whooping lot of money;)

But what is taxi software?

Where to buy the taxi software?

I’m not tech-savvy so how can I choose the best taxi software for my business?

- I know, right now you would have many questions in your mind.

How to buy a genuine Uber Clone Taxi App? - For a Non-Technical Person

- Take a look at this guide

If you’re reading this, make use of the opportunity. Success is not too far. Be smart, adapt & succeed.

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